Peanut Butter

Ugh... there's nothing to eat, and the jar of peanutbutter is empty! Wait a minute... peanutbutter... peanut-butter... Peanut Butter! I'll just get a peanut, and cover it with butter! That sounds tasty.

I grab my nuts, and rub them with butter. My brother walks in shocked and surprised. "Uhh... I can explain." I said awkwardly. My brother just slowly backs away. Anyway, I drag my nuts in a bowl and stir them with a spoon. My nuts turned green and melted. "No! My nuts!" I yelled. Until I realized the green stuff was peanut butter! I was so happy!

I got out a spoon, and almost dug in... until a fly flew in it. "!@#$%!" I said angrly. I tried to dig the fly out, but it wasn't there anymore. Weird, it's like the peanutbutter ate it. Anyway, I dug my spoon in the green gooey goodness, until the peanutbutter grabbed a hold of my arm and took me inside of it. I now live forever in this bowl of peanutbutter. Oh, and there's the fly... and it's literally the same size as me... Frick!

Don't rub your nuts with butter. You'll just live in food forever if you do.

The Nutcracker

I was woken up in the middle of the night by something horrible. Hunger. I checked the time and it was midnight. Not only that, it was freezing. Probably because it was snowing rapidly outside. I would eat my nuts, but they're too cold. Anyway, I got out of bed and went into the kitchen. I didn't turn the lights on, because the electricity was out. Oh well. Candles will do. I lit a few candles, and went to the fridge. I don't feel like making a sandwich. I went to the cabinets. Yum. Peanut Butter. As I got the peanut butter out of the cabinet, I bumped into something. It was a giant nutcracker man! His head was up to my pelvis area. Wait a sec. Nut... cracker. Nut-cracker. Nutcracker! I'll grab my nuts, and crack them!

I gently put my nuts in the nutcracker's mouth. I felt bad for the nuts. But I must eat. I raised the nutcracker's jaw. I could feel the pressure on the nuts. I raised it even further. It's almost like I could feel the pain. I really don't want to do this, but I must eat. I could feel my nuts cracking. I shed a tear. Why must this be so painful for me to do? They're only nuts. I shouldn't be feeling this way. My nuts then completely cracked. I screamed in pain, as a piece of my nut got in my eye. I was blinded in one eye. Oh well. I must eat. I tried reaching for my cracked nuts in the nutcracker's mouth. Then the worst happened.

My hand got stuck in its mouth, along with my precious nuts. I screamed even louder, but no one could hear me in this blizzard. I'm could, my hand is in pain, and my precious cracked nuts cannot be eaten.

I am forever trapped in this nutcracker.

NOTE: couldn't find a third story