The AD casters: Riven, Yasuo, and Zed

First of all. Let us define what an "AD caster" is.

A champion whose total physical (AD) damage output depends on the combinations of the abilities you cast, and not from the innate bonuses you get from items, runes, masteries, or even the champion's passive.

In other words - the maximum possible damage AD casters like Yasuo and Zed can get depends on the order of the abilities you cast. Let us say you are using Zed and you have a target in front of you. You wouldn't be able to kill that target should you just waste your Q, W, E, and R at once.

While the damage from Zed's R is based on the damage before you hit R spamming Q and E would be useless without using R first. In that case, before you try to pick off 1 enemy, you use R first before spamming Q and E to make sure you deal a LOT of damage. Item actives and your summoner spells will be sure to help if you want to go for the kill.

In addition, many of the AD casters in League of Legends are usually assassins - meaning that they are built to deal much damage as soon possible and are equipped with dashes and blinks. Some champions have special forms of dashes, like Zed. His W lets him spawn a shadow in front of him that lasts for 4 seconds. Reactivating W will have Zed swap places with his shadow.

The reason why I included AD casters on this list is because that most of them have low defenses and they are only going to be rewarding if people know how to execute combos for the abilities, AND especially how to time them properly. Split-second thinking and fast reflexes are usually required for them because if you do not have them: you'll likely die in the middle of a teamfight and probably lose the potential to carry.

The bursty, mobile mages: Akali, Ahri and LeBlanc

Well, on this entry lies the AP (ability power) mages you shouldn't play. Their playstyle is VERY, VERY similar to AD casters so like the former, the capability to make a decision in seconds, fast reflexes and the capability to constantly and accurately plan for the assault is required because even the change of the minion wave can affect your current plan.

The professional picks: Dyrus' toplane Lulu, HotshotGG's Nidalee and Bjergsen's Zed

To quote Sky Williams: the reason why professionals have champions with frivolous builds is because they are professionals.

While every game is not winnable, a lot of people who are playing on both normal/ranked are getting sick of people instantly locking in champions pro picked on their today stream. I mean, it's not bad admiring Faker or inSec or any pro player, but please. If you are ever an amateur, don't try to directly copy from them because you're honestly going to ruin your team's day given that you don't have much of the skill the pro you seek to be like.

The AD carries and supports: Caitlyn/Braum, Lucian/Bard and Vayne/Nami

Playing ADCs and supports are like being in a hate relationship. If you can't score lots of minion kills, then your support will hate you. If you can't kill the target while the support is throwing all his/her abilities, then your support will hate you. When your support miss the skillshots, the slows, the heals, the stuns and the wards? You will hate your support. Seriously, ADCs and supports need partnership to win the lane so that they could carry hard. If in case you're toxic and all you do is blame the jungler and the other laners, don't play any ADC or support next time.

The complex champions: Ekko, Vel'koz, Syndra and Azir

In this list, the complex champions takes the cake.

Everybody loves new champions. We all do. Even I love new champions. The reason why the complex champions like Ekko and Azir are in this list is because they are new champions and people are going to instantly lock him on champ select without studying his kit OR watching the champion spotlight Riot uploads.

List by Ahri-chan