Author's note: Before reading the final chapter in this trilogy, please read the first two stories before reading this one.


My friend and I woke up to an extremely bright light which burned our eyes out.

We were scared that we were going to be blind for life.

We then realized that we were dead because Snoop Lion strangled us.

Now we are in limbo, suffering for eternity for smoking the rainbow weed.

What we didn't know was that the rainbow weed we smoked before we died had an effect on our afterlife.

And now we regret ever taking that weed, but we would take it again for the experience.

While we were trying to find our way around and found each other, I felt something warm.

As we were walking around limbo, we find a magical fig leaf.

To me, I had no idea what to do with the fig leaf.

So, I put it on my bum bum to protect me from the spookies. It didn't work.

My friend wanted to try it for himself, so he grabbed the leaf.

But the spookies just transferred from my bum bum to his bum bum.

However, the spookies had a worse effect on him than it did to me.

It brought out Avril Lavigne. She was the spookiest one, since she was dressed up as a cat.

Frightened, I pull out a shotgun.

And I shot Avril Lavigne. No one's gonna miss her anyways, after she gave birth to that monstrosity of a song called "Hello Kitty!"

With Avril Lavigne in limbo, her effects still prevailed on my friend.

Then Avril Lavigne joined us on our journey that we don't know yet, because we ARE in limbo.

Fortunately, Avril got rid of her cat outfit and returned to normality.

And then she saw a cat. She turned back into a cat and she started singing "Hello Kitty!"

Before she could get into the song, I stopped her and started playing her old music.


Instead of turning off the music, I just threw the stereo at her while my friend and I walked off.

She bled internally. Then we found a bag of weed!

Not able to resist some precious weed, we split the weed into half and half for each of us and smoked it.

We got very high that we saw Snoop Doggy Dogg.

Snoop Doggy Dogg immediately recognized us by our marijuana-induced laughter and got pissed.

Then he sent us to Hell, where there was no weed!

Not wanting to accept my fate, I asked my friend to punch in the crotch as hard as he could.

He can't. Because in Hell, there is no way to escape or to know if it's a dream.

I decided to take this into my own hands and try to do it myself.

I can't.

I decided to punch my friend in the crotch and when I did so, he disappeared.

I was in hell... alone.

Not wanting to be alone, I fell and it the hard ground.

I was still in Hell.

Until I noticed a bright light surrounding me.

It was heaven. I saw God and he was smoking a joint.

Not thinking, He sent me back to the mortal world.

Then I died and went back to Hell.

I then noticed my friend relaxing in a lava pool nearby.

And I died and went back to limbo.

I then noticed something was in my pocket.

It was a bag of weed.

I took some out to relieve my sorrows only to notice that it was an unending supply of weed.

Then I realize it was all a dream. I realized that I was being born. As I popped out of my mom's womb, I saw an ayylien say "ayy lmao".


This is part of the Ayyliens Trilogy

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Written by Fatal Disease and your friendly neighbourhood lion from the Pride Lands