Yo, somethang magical yo, but twisted, happened ta mah dirty ass.

While tokin chronic n' smokin shrooms wit mah dopest playa, our crazy asses heard a funky-ass bangin noise come from mah backyard. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Us thugs was too stoned ta know what tha fuck was goin on, so we ignored dat shit. Then we randomly went ta our backyard ta git mo' of our supplies, n' there it was. Dat shiznit was a spaceship. Then a tiny space dude came outta tha ship. Well shiiiit, it holla'd this:

"Ayy lmao"

Us thugs was so stoked bout dis lil dude dat we went backwardz n' holla'd "woaaaah." It mimicked our erection. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. I axed tha dude tha question.

"So... where is you from, lil gray dude?"

"I be tha ayylien from lmao. I have cousins."

Then mo' gray dudes came down from tha spaceship, n' greeted our asses wit "ayy lmao."

"So, why you dudes come here on earth?"

"We cum here fo' 69.96 dollarz of it weed, lmao," they holla'd.

"Why loot it, when you can smoke it, duuuuueeed." My fuckin playa holla'd.

Then tha gray dudes holla'd "duueeeed."

Then mah playa holla'd "dueeeed" again.

Dat shiznit was a never-endin "dueeed" fest until tha ayyliens picked up tha grass.

Then thatz where tha jam happens.

Dat shiznit was so wack of a jam dat Cheech n' Chong rocked up ta join on our grass tokin party.

"Duueed... since when did our gardners smoked grass?"

"I dunno dude!"

Then all of tha supply just disappeared. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! We smoked all of it, it seemed...

But so was tha ayyliens...

Afta comin outta our high n' Cheech n' Chin leaving, our crazy asses heard a lil "ayy lmao." from tha horizon.

This is part of the Ayylienz Trilogy

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Written by Fatal Disease