Author's note: This fanfiction assumes you are generally familiar with Bleach lore, so things that are generally inherent to it will not be explained. However, you can find any information on current lore here. Also, this will be released Chapter by chapter so I can: 1. Keep up with it, and 2. Improve it as I go along.

"Mayuri Kurotsuchi, you have been found guilty of war crimes committed during the Quincy Blood Wars, up to and including brainwashing a fellow captain, desecration of dead bodies, attempted murder of a fellow captain, and use of an illegal precognitor drug. Your actions have proven dishonorable, and you are to be punished to the fullest extent of the law," the voice of a Central 46 echoed through the chamber. Mayuri Kurotsuchi, former Captain of the Twelfth Squad, was sitting on a chair in front of the Central 46, unable to move or speak due to his binds. "However, with recognition that your efforts did in fact assist in turning the war in our favor, we have unanimously voted you are to be exempt from execution. We have instead decided that you are to be sentenced to 250 years in Myutten."

Mayuri rolled his eyes. This was the thanks he got for assisting the Soul Society. Locking up a man of science, sealing him and stripping him of his powers. What a waste.

Toshiro Hitsugaya had been the first victim of his precognitor drug: a drug that replaced the blood of an individual with a special chemical that effectively placed him under Mayuri's control. It was created explicitly to counter Giselle, and that it did. Unfortunately, if the victim was still alive, brainwashing them and replacing their blood (almost killing them in the process) was considered a war crime. All they needed to do to remove the drug was a simple blood transfusion.

But no matter. He was certain that if that damned Urahara didn't show up, they would need him again soon.

Shunsui had not decided to replace the lost Captains from the war. Currently, he needed all hands on deck rebuilding the Soul Society. There was too little time to find viable candidates from the few men left. Recovery was a slow process.

Five years had passed since the end of that war. It was a dark year in history for the Gotei 13; many had been lost, including Kensei, Rose, Unohana, Ukitake, and the former Head Captain, Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto. The Soul Society pressed on, however, still performing its duties, and undoing the unbalancing damage Ywach had done. He frowned.

The damage was stressful, to say the least. The Soul Society had duties to perform, made all the more difficult to do because of the destruction the war had caused.

And there were two other vacant seats. Mayuri Kurotsuchi was imprisoned for war crimes; Byakuya Kuchiki was, well, promoted to Royal Guard. And now, there was the matter of other things. Hollows were rampant; though the one benefit, sad as it seemed, was that it spared the Gotei 13 from having to genocide portions of he World of the Living in order to restore the balance. So long as a Shinigami was there to perform Konso and purify the Hollow, things would be fine.

But he still had the feeling not all of it was over as he once thought.

Gates. Odd gates. They were opening all over the place.

"Alright. I've taken care of the Hollow," Ichigo spoke softly to the little girl. "I'm gonna touch on the head with the bottom of my sword. Don't be scared, okay? It's to help you pass on."

The little girl looked down, a small tear in her eye.

"Hey. It'll be alright. Things may be tough, but they'll take care of you there."

"Promise?" the little girl quietly asked.

"I promise."

The little girl smiled. "Okay."

Ichigo touched the girl's forehead with his hilt. In no time, she disappeared, on her way to the Soul Society. It had been five full years since the near-destruction of the Soul Society. Ywach had claimed to see the future. He hadn't forseen his defeat. And now, things could get back to normal. People could recover.

A voice from above interrupted his thoughts.


Nel landed on him like a 20 ton boulder. He picked her up and attempted to sit up.


"Itsygo! We need yer halp!"

"With what?!"

"Some weally odd guys came to Hueco Mundo! Dey left after and Nel followed dem! Dey're here!"

"Well, hold on- who are they?"

"Dunno! Dey came dhrew dis weally hot gate! Nel followed and didn't get caught but dey looked scary!"

Ichigo sat up, propping Nel to his shoulder. "Take me to them."

"Dis way!" She pointed. Ichigo immediately shunpoed in that direction. Whoever they were, they sounded like trouble...

The three Tagobito stepped out of the gate to Hell. They wore purple uniforms; a jacket, pants, and combat boots. The first was a male, bearing a spiral tattoo on his eye: Tempesta Cazone. His hair was a deep shade of green, and was spiked. At his side, he carried his sword.

The second was a female. Purple, laid back hair with a headband. Her demeanor was relaxed, and her uniform bore a different modification: a skirt, rather than the pants. Her sword rested along her back. This was Fenice Di Vapore.

The third was a brown haired male with a purple tattoo stretching down his side and back. His sword was resting on his left side; his uniform seemed to have an odd fruity scent, like a fresh grape. This was Mortale Mallatia.

"Uuuugh. Why does Demone want us to scout out Hueco Mundo and this crapsack of a town so much? It's not like we're gonna be takin' over these two places." Fenice's voice echoed lazily in complaint.

"Tactical strategy, Fenice. Know where your enemy can hide. One of the War Powers of the Soul Society has a few friends in those places; he doesn't want to handle all three at once." Mortale answered.

"Pffft. Soul Society's still weak from its last war. We should just crush it now while we got the chance. Just scouting is boring."

Mortale shrugged. "Better than staying in that god-forsaken pit all day."


The three looked over in the direction of the voice.

"Who the hell are you?!"

"Such coincidental timing. Maybe this might be fun after all."

The orange-haired soul reaper repeated himself.

"Wait a moment. That's..."

"Ichigo Kurosaki. Now, again. Who. the Hell. Are you?"

Written by Senjumaru Shutara

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