My favorite fruit of all time is watermelon. I'll eat that shit every single day. But then, of course, there was such a random occurrence that made me stop eating watermelons...

It all started on a day, like today, but it was TUESDAY! I was bored, so I decided to deep-web some shit. As I was Deep-web surfing. I was passing the time watching my favorite gif, "watermelon.pdf" I get a call from my mother on my cellular phone. Johnny, she hissed. I know what you're doing. Please do not look up "Bloodywatermelon.pdf" or else you will realize some spooky stuff.

So, being the dimwit that I am, I decided to Deep-web "Bloodywatermelon.pdf". It was a file that caused my computer to have many viruses. I had to clear out my cache and every single part of porn that I had in my history (goodbye porn [D':]). But it seemed only one file was saved. It looked really, really, spooky. But I clicked on it anyways.

The file was basically what watermelon.pdf was; a watermelon, so good and juicy, being devoured by a person. But, out of nowhere, the watermelon started bleeding! It wasn't no watermelon juice, either, it was blood! Hyper-realistic blood! I was like, "HOLY SHIT! THAT'S TOO SPOOKY!!!" I decided to keep watching, because curiosity got the best of me.

Then, this was where it started being all different than watermelon.pdf; there was a man who decided to mash a pumpkin into bits. But there was no juice? The man disappeared into thin air! I looked all over, to find that a watermelon appeared in front of the screen. He was wearing the same clothing as the guy! Could... could he have turned into a watermelon? I have no clue!?!?



Then, the camera fades to black. Then a tank appears. It looked like a tank that could be filled with sharks... but it wasn't. It was filled with A WATERMELON SHARK!

I was petrified at the video. I couldn't bare to see more of the horrible, gruesome, sites that the file had to offer. But, I was curious. So I had to keep on, because my mother told me to do so.

It seemed to be the end of the video, where a baby popped out of a watermelon. I can't show you the file, because it was too gruesome. A watermelon gave birth to a baby. A baby!! Whoever made this was just downright sick to their knees.

Bloodied Watermelon

The Bloodied Watermelon

Then, I turned around, and there was a bloodied watermelon, with hyper-realistic blood.

Then I realized...


But wait... if I was able to contact her...


Written by Fatal Disease

Idea and title brought by ImGonnaBeThatGuy

Idea and encouragement by the CPW chat