CassistRabbit, or Mary, as she was called, was home alone. Her family had abandoned her because they needed a break from her constant ranting. She was sitting at her computer, on the Creepypasta Wiki, blanking all the admin’s Talk pages and spamming abusive messages on Deletion Appeal.

Mary had spent a few days talking a little too fondly with Princess Callie, who had easily obtained Mary’s address. It was on her deviantArt.

Mary had just finished vandalizing Jeff the Killer with MLP-themed pornography when Callie came in through the opened back door, pulling back the screen. Mary didn’t recognize her, but instantly cleared her browsing history.

“Who the hell are you?”

“I’m an admin on the Creepypasta Wiki, and a bureaucrat of the Spinpasta Wiki.”

Mary, not always a stupid girl, knew what was going on pretty quickly. She jumped up, clutching her laptop, and threw it down the stairs leading to her front door. The computer smashed into two separate pieces. But before Mary could escape, Callie had gotten a switchblade out and was pointing it to Mary’s throat.

“You’re not getting off that easy, Rabbit.”

But instead of killing her then and there, Callie dragged Mary into the parking lot and took out a thirteen-inch long, sharp-spiked dildo emblazoned with a wizard fucking a motorboat. Callie held the troublemaking girl down, being stronger than the frail Mary, and annihilated her virgin midsection far worse than any centipede could. The grey asphalt ran red with watery blood.

Finally, Callie killed Mary with a slash across her throat. Her twitching body was dragged to one of the vacant backyards. To memorialize the user, and leave a warning to the Creepypasta community, Callie took a screencap of the bloodied body and made it Mary’s new profile picture.

Written by Grizzly Bear