Games like GTA V and The Last of Us can't even touch a masterpiece like this. The graphics are so revolutionary and it feels like my DS is a PlayStation 7. The gameplay is so amazing with open world aspects. It's bigger than GTA X. And the story made me cry and it made my laugh. It was heart breaking and wonderful. 

Cory is trying to protect the American government from the Robot Kebabs that Kebab has summoned, so Cory ends up going on an epic adventure to save humanity by killing the Robot Nazis and Kebab by going back in time to summon Jesus Christ by his side. Once after 30+ hours of a genocide crusade, Cory goes back in time with Jesus to kill Kebab. However, it turns out that Kebab was the one who have created the Genocide Crusade in Jesus' birth. So, to prevent a 2012 from happening, he goes back to the Big Bang to stop the universe from summoning so he can be the man in the house. Also, it turns out that Shrek was the universe, so then Cory fights Kebab in an epic long 12,061 hour boss battle. If you manage to defeat him (By the way, this game is much harder than Dark Souls), you win and Cory destroys the universe and Satan for some strange reason. 


Written by Spoooky skeletons