Don’t look away from her. That’s the mistake I made. I don’t know where I am or anything.

I’m going frantic right now. She was beautiful, radiant. Wonderful blue eyes, a curled and gorgeous purple mane. She was looking for someone to tell her she’s pretty.

She seemed so innocent, didn’t she? But the moment you lock gazes with her, you might as well be locking gazes with the devil himself, because you’re playing his game now. You have to keep saying how pretty she is. Keep complimenting her. Respond gracefully to her every word. You can’t look away until she lets you, or you’ll end up here, with me.

She seemed so generous, didn’t she? You think that. But she isn’t that way. This one isn’t. She’s selfish. She’s looking for compliments, and love. She thrives on it. Her horn is astonishing, her tail is luscious. She might be generous, because you will never see such a beautiful creature again in your life. But the punishment for looking away… It’s severe, very severe. You’ll end up here, with me.

Her white coat shines like snow. The diamond shapes embroidered on her legs are amazing, aren’t they? She won’t want you to look away. She is showing you. You’re cursed if you look away. This place, the place I’m in, the place she sent me; it’s Hell. It really is. If you look away, you’ll end up here, with me.

How she got to this world, I don’t know. But it’s messed with her. She’s been twisted, yet so stunning. She’ll send you here if you look away. Her hooves are shiny, brilliant. Her eyes are like ice, piercing your soul yet cooling it at the same time. But you’re still tempted. Still tempted to look away. Don’t. Don’t look away from her beautiful face. Her magnificent eyes. Her illustrious mane. Her gorgeous coat. Don’t look away, or you’ll end up here, with me.

You looked away, didn’t you? Now you’re here, with me…

She’s a Rarity, isn’t she?

Written by Senjumaru Shutara