Ren & Stimpy Don't Whizz on the Electric Fence

Ren & Stimpy Don't Whizz on the Electric Fence


If you grew up in the 1990s, you can bet your ass that you have heard of or even watched the insanely popular Nickelodeon TV show Ren and Stimpy (1991-1995; Had a spinoff in 2003 called Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon). It was under constant scrutiny over its mature content, especially with its place on a well-respected children's network like Nickelodeon. Nowadays, when people think of Ren and Stimpy, they would usually think of this controversial segment.


This segment begins with Ren coming home after a long day of work, apparently in a sour mood and to make matters worse, it is storming outside. Apparently he is angered with Stimpy, as usual, since he finds that his house is covered with cat litter, presumably by Stimpy and his Swedish cousin Sven (Who will be introduced later). He lets this slide since he is finally home.

Unfortunately, he is not only a few steps in when he finds the following "tragedies":

  • His opera records are covered in bubblegum.
  • His collection of rare and incurable diseases have been released, or as Ren puts it, "violated".
  • His award-winning (Judging by the blue ribbon) paleozoic droppings are painted like Easter eggs.

He then finds Stimpy and Sven playing a board game of some sorts and makes them cower in fear over what he has found. Once Ren has the two cornered against a wall, he begins to grow mentally unstable and starts saying the things he is going to do to them, such as tearing their lips out, gouging their eyes out, and tearing their arms out of their sockets. All of this was followed by the premonition of "That's what I'm gonna do." He also threatens to domestically abuse the two ("And you want to know what else? I'm gonna hit you, and you're gonna fall. And I'm gonna look down and I'm gonna laugh.").

At this point, Stimpy and Sven are visibly crying and begging Ren that they are frightened what he's doing. In an awkward turn of events, Ren says that before he does any of those abuses, he has to take a whizz. Before he does, however, he orders the two to stay put and not go anywhere (All of the while still mentally unstable). As he is walking away, he notices the board game that the two were playing earlier, which involves an electric fence. The two seem to have lost all of their fearful feelings and cheerfully claim that it is their favourite board game. Knowing that the two love the game, Ren proceeds to whip out his junk and starts pissing on the fence. Because of his poor judgment, Ren gets electrocuted and the house explodes. The segment ends with the three in Hell and Satan asking them, "So, you whizzed on the electric fence, didn't ya?"

Personal Thoughts

I am seriously trying to piece together what the fuck just happened. One part of me wants to love this segment for being amusing as hell (Pun not intended), but another part wants to hate it for focusing too much on Ren's mental state as he verbally abuses Stimpy and his cousin. Other than that, it does personify how Ren's character is and how his short temper can make for some great dark comedy. So, round of applause, I guess?


Reviewed by your friendly neighbourhood lion from the Pride Lands