Well, again, bored at almost 1 AM. I decided to make another review, this one is about Muse's newest album "Drones", which got leaked today. This review is going to be a short review of each track.

Also. I'm not doing reviews, so if you don't like it, you can abandon the page

Dead Inside: This track was like "Madness" but made in the 80s. The first minutes were boring until the guitar appeared. The lyrics were good, but kinda repetitive.

Drill Sergeant: Is this even a song? It sounds like Hartman on Full Metal Jacket.

Psycho: The song was quite good, but the chorus was a little boring. I expected more from Muse.

Mercy: This song was really good, but it sounded like "Starlight" mixed with "Bliss".

Reapers: This song was nice, it reminded me of the sound Muse had before albums like Black Holes and Revelations. Also, the solo kinda reminds me of "Madness". The chorus was also good but it was similar to RATM's "Freedom".

The Handler: I think this song is one of the best songs in the new album, it has great lyrics (that remind me of "Showbiz") and a great solo (that reminds me of In "Your World").

JFK:...Nice speech?

Defector: Probably the best song in the album. It has a unique solo and great lyrics, one of the heaviest songs in the album.

Revolt: This song was boring, but it has a catchy chorus.

Aftermath: Slow song with a guitar sounding like "One" by U2. I really liked this song, but I didn't like the chorus, it reminds me of Bryan Adams.

The Globalist: This song was epic, it starts with some whispering that reminds you of Morricone, then it goes to some slide guitar and lets the heavy part start until it the piano ballad comes. I expected the heavy part to be longer, it has the best lyrics in the album.

Drones: Something weird in the discography of Muse: an a cappella song. It has the typical action movie sound when there's a part set in a church. It's short and good, it can show us that Bellamy would have been famous if he made this song 400 years ago.

The album was pretty good, but it had some things I didn't like. I would recommend listening to each song and follow the order of the songs because it's a concept album. If I had to give it a rating it would be 8/10.

Btw fuck Batman, 9/11 was an inside job.

Jet fuels can't melt steel beams.

Reviewed by The Globalist