Heya everyone, it's me Björn/iCihter and today I'm reviewing a Dutch festivity called Carnaval!

From origin, it's a festive season that occurs before Lent. This is 3 days for Ash Wednesday. Back in the old days (a long ass time ago), they actually didn't celebrate Carnaval like we do today. Back to reality, now we (the Dutch people) celebrate it different. We actually dress up. This can be funny, sexy, nerdy, slutty, etc., and go out and party. This with a lot of alcohol, mostly beer, brings a lot of tourists to the big cities when we are celebrating Carnaval.

Carnaval is around 3 a 5 days (Is different for regions where you live) and is mostly/only celebrated in the southern region of The Netherlands. While partying we listen to "our own kind of music". This can be from German Polka, to Dutch songs which are played in pubs. I'll just post a mix of both here. With every kind of music, it brings it's own kind of dance. We all know the Macarena (I hope) but a polonaise might be a Dutch thing. It's actually quite simple. You just walk in a line holding the shoulders of the guy/girl in front of you.

We also have some other traditions. Every big city, or big village has a parade. On this parade there are some homemade cars which are all within a central theme. This theme is mostly a Dutch joke in dialect.

Well I think I have explained everything that I can. I'll answer questions in the comments section below. It's also celebrated in other countries, but I don't know shit about that! Enjoy some pictures!

Reviewed by ICihter