In case you're not aware of this, what follows in my opinion only. None of this is fact or rules and it should not be treated as such. These are simply creepypasta-related gripes that there's not much I can even do about.

8. Spacing out sentences or abusing ellipses for some sort of dramatic effect. It’s lazier and more annoying to read in place of actual words, and sometimes comes off as a way of admitting you know your story has a weak scare factor to begin with. This issue isn’t quite as common in third person as it is first and second, but that brings me to my second contention…

7. Seeing nine out of ten new stories written in first or second person. Good god. Every time I actually manage to find a pasta that’s written in third person, I can find two second person and ten first person alternatives. Never mind that third person is easier to write (and read) and far more versatile as well, I guess?

6. Referencing other creepypastas in your own work, or even mentioning the word, or even mentioning scary stories in general. It totally kills my suspension of disbelief and reduces my ability to take the author seriously. Can’t you think of a better term for whatever it is you’re trying to describe?

5. Poetry. That is all.

No, seriously. I’m sick of seeing poetry on the site. It’s treated more like a faster way of writing a story. While poems aren’t as ubiquitous in poor quality as the stories, I really don’t believe that poetry belongs on a horror story site. I won’t delete it- not on the grounds of simply being a poem- but I definitely discourage it.

4. Putting a quote from a famous author above your pasta. To even compare your work to something crafted by a skilled and published author is ludicrous even if it does have meaning to the story. There’s no reason to use these, at least not in short stories.

3. PICTURES. I am so sick of seeing unnecessary pictures plastered to the already-bloated wiki. 50% of the time, it’s some OC that a deviantArt generator made for you or a hand-drawn sketch that took a full twenty minutes to scribble down. Pictures should be removed from the wiki altogether at this point. I don’t see the downside of using your own imagination to supply the images.

2. Spinoff, knockoffs and fanfics. Lazy writing even if these were top-quality (which it isn’t), I am so glad that I have the power to eliminate these on the spot because I cringe at the word “fanfiction” these days. It’s just too many embarrassing memories brought up. Fanfiction to my mind has no place in quality literature.

1. The famous Creepypastas.

If you have Internet access in your house, you know what I’m talking about. Jeff the Killer, The Russian Sleep Experiment, Lavender Town, you know the rest. That these pieces of literary throwaways should ever be lifted off the floor of the Internet is beyond me and speaks to how little some people enjoy reading actual books in these times. Even worse, they create the illusion that any Creepypasta you might make has the potential to garner that same fame one day. Most of them, with a few exceptions of honest quality, are frankly a stain on the genre of horror literature.

Opinion by Grizzly Bear