Did I ever tell you the tale of the experiences I’ve had on the Internet? Since well before I knew about Watchmojo, Ken Ham or Rotten Tomatoes, I have been entranced by the variety and brilliance of the videos, articles, and communicative services I have found in dozens of dazzling websites.

There is Wikipedia, a massive encyclopedia compiling and endless array of knowledge on limitless subjects. The easy-to-read articles provide in-depth information on everything from brown bears to the Caspian Sea to the ultimate fate of the universe. Anytime I have been seeking basic knowledge, I have been entertained and intrigued by the oddities of the Earth we live upon.

But higher up on the list is the esoteric Creepypasta Wiki, a complex site that hosts frightening short stories about sinister entities, mysterious locations, and bloody conclusions. It has a welcoming, familiar community behind the black layout. Here, you must be able to tolerate the strict rules, or else you will be verbally mauled by admins and regular users alike for your arrogance.

Far more significant than these both is the globally-popular YouTube, the biggest and best video-watching site ever created. It is here that I indulge in full-length documentaries and episodes, hundreds of songs and music videos, gameplays, story readings, interviews, vlogs, and news. Your favorite videos can be conveniently listed, voted and commented on, although with this comes the unlucky blight of comment police and rabbis who will antagonize you for a differing opinion. Still, this does little to impact the endless hours of entertainment this site has provided for me.

And last on this list are those sites that I use for other knowledge. Top on this smaller selection is RationalWiki, a mini-Wikipedia that focuses on scientific analyses of pseudoscience in a manner that even most sixteen-year-olds can understand. With a near-constant “screw you” overtone to the thousands of English articles, it’s as good for entertainment value as that cartoon about the fairies and the iconic neighbor Dinkleberg. Below RationalWiki is its polar opposite Conservapedia, Answers in Genesis, and the myriad fundamentalist websites hosting content that rings hilarious to all but the most impressionable. These sites, while not being visited often, still strike a chord in me as being generally worthwhile viewing material.

In the past few months of my near-constant ride on the limitless Internet, I have attained what is likely even more important than any piece of knowledge. I’ve befriended several people who have latched surprisingly strongly onto my heart, the first and longest of which is the kind-hearted Kate. But then again, I don’t truly value any one over the other and I thank them all for the hours we spend conversing. This has done much to counteract my loneliness and establish a personality and voice onscreen, just as millions of others have done in the past decade. The true value and promise of the Internet cannot be overstated.

Written by Grizzly Bear