Julie was an average high school student who made average grades, and did average things a normal girl her age would. Well, that is until it came time for her to sleep. Death—now more than ever—filled Julie’s dreams.

Julie had been in a wreck that, by all reasonable means, should have killed her. After the wreck, Julie rarely slept. When she did, she would dream of how people were going to die the next day. Some were people she knew, others were complete strangers.

She used this foresight to help people avoid dying, and because of this, she became known as the “Death Girl,” who could tell when someone was going to die and save them.

As a result of her popularity, she was given photos of the people she had saved. She hung them on the wall above her bed as a reminder of what service she was doing. She was helping people cheat death, as she herself had done in the accident. Her mother had saved her, sacrificing her own life to protect her. She literally should have died.

One night, in Julie’s dreams, she dreamt that there would be an earthquake and that something would fall on her head. Waking up, she quickly removed the pictures from above her, patting herself on the back for once again outsmarting Death.

That night, when she slept, the earthquake hit. It was just as she had foreseen. Almost. The quake shook loose a part of her ceiling, which came down on her, killing her. Before she died, she saw a vision of a figure in a cloak. He told her that no one escapes him.

Several houses collapsed that night, and many people were killed. Curiously, the newspapers never put together that they were all the people Julie had saved.

Written by ClericofMadness