It has finally happened. For my review on Nick Chiari's, known professionally as Grabbitz, debut EP titled Friends, I decided to ask couple of my friends to review the song of their choice, transforming this into a collaborative review. Their reviews will take the place of mine for the song that they chose. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, let's just hurry on and dive into the Friends EP.


1. 7.6.14 (1:01) - Starting the EP on a quiet tone, Grabbitz manages to pull the listener in with a calm and chilling intro that makes the listener have to guess what is in store for them. The inclusion of the piano is also a nice touch. Although I can see this as serving as an intro to "Here With You Now", since the song segues into it, it would have been better off included on "Here With You Now" instead of a stand-alone song, but it doesn't matter either way to me. It's a great song. What's not to hate about it?

2. Here With You Now (Reviewed by MonstaMachine) (4:32) - "Here With You Now" is a song from the Friends EP. The song is very good itself and the music flows smoothly. You could listen to it if you just wanted to have a calm time or if you wanted to just listen to anything. It’s a smoother song than most of them from the Friends EP and the singing from this song is very soothing. The song itself is categorized as drumstep.

In my own opinion, I think the song is great, but could have used a little bit more to it. The singing was fine, but the music could have went with a bit of a smoother tone. The vocals are calming enough, with the singer not getting too loud, but not too quiet. The music is more or less, like said above, drumstep. So towards the middle of the song, it gets a little more intense with the beats getting louder, but it mixes in well with the song.

3. Friends (feat. Faustix) (Reviewed by CrazyWords) (3:33) - The vocals are very well performed, adding a lot of texture and attitude to the song. With the vocal editing and such, that was a real risk. And it paid off. It added what I would call a certain "sharpness? to the piece, while attaining smoothness with the flow of the notes and music.

If you pay attention to the lyrics, though, it reveals one’s dilemma about whether to advance to a relationship, or stay friends. While this doesn’t seem to connect with the music, which isn’t a plus, all in all, I think it’s a good song.

4. Transition (Short) (2:26) - After a segue from the previous song to this one, the EP's mood takes a significant turn from being intense and thunderous and back to a calm state. However, an actual thunder clap introduces a section that sounds like drum and bass, which makes this EP more diverse than I thought it would be. After a minute of being treated to some lovely DnB therapy that I wish lasted for a lot longer, the song goes back to its original state before it begins its segue into the next song, "Turn Around".

5. Turn Around (4:59) - Right out of the gates, Grabbitz comes in hot with his soothing vocals that is sure to make numerous girls out there fall in love with him. Better than Justin Bieber, am I right? The melody that Grabbitz made to accompany the vocals (Keep in mind that he does everything in the production of his music, including his own vocals) is also amazing in its own way. After the main drop, the cooldown before the second drop is nice to listen to and again leaves you unprepared for what's to come.

The second drop comes in the form of a more drum and bass-esque one as the bass hits at a rapid rate before slowing down just a tad bit before returning to another drop build-up and a repeat of the first drop. It's a nice touch and it threw me off guard the first time that I heard this. What ends the song is like what we heard in the first half, but the song gets quiet like it did during the cooldown and the song ends.

Since this song was originally released as his second ever release on Monstercat, I thought it was an improvement over his debut MC release, "Here With You Now". I'm not saying I hated it, but "Here With You Now" has way too much growling (Pun not intended) for my liking.

6. Way Too Deep (5:42) - I seriously think Grabbitz has an amazing vocal talent because the lyrics that go for this song could only be written for him. The song overall has a dark undertone because of said lyrics, which tells the story of the current status that his relationship is in, which seems to be a bad one. The title of the song comes from the lyrics saying that he was "way too deep" into the relationship and he realizes his mistakes. Nothing sexual is implied.

Once the bass drops, the amount of bass isn't high when compared to normal dubstep, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. If the drop's melody is good enough, it can make up for the lack of bass. However, I could care less if a dubstep song doesn't have heavy bass in its drop. If the song's melody sounds good, I'm listening to it. Not so much else to say about the song other than it is one of the EP's highlights, along with the titular track.

7. A Walk To The Gallows (Reviewed by MonstaMachine) (1:41) - The music itself sets in with more of a western vibe and is more on the shorter side coming to a closing at one minute and forty seconds. The music is a song almost anyone could get along with, and could almost be used for anything. Whether you are rocking out or trying to soothe yourself, it’s reliable for both. There are several different instruments used for this song. The song itself is short, but it makes up for it by the way it sounds.

I would recommend this song for anyone who just got off of a long day of work and just wants to relax and listen to music. During the song it is mostly instrumental; you can even hear a drumroll during the song. Though at around 1 minute and 5 seconds, there appears to be the sound of a gunshot. And a little later on after a little while of silence, music picks back up again, though this time, sounding a bit more “sinister”. It slowly starts to end from there with the music slowly fading until it is no longer audible.

Ending Statement

As stated by me and my guest reviewers, Friends is a roller coaster ride that explores different genres and manages to tell a story of love, heartbreak, and death. Is it worth listening to? If you want my opinion, of course I would respond with a "Hell yes." followed by constant nagging for you to buy the damn thing. In all seriousness, it's an amazing EP and it truly shows Grabbitz's true potential as an artist.

P.S. Special thanks to MonstaMachine and CrazyWords for agreeing to become a part of this collaboration.

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