Hey, everybody. I'm ThatCelticFurry and this is Furry Reviews, the series of articles in which I review whatever is in the title and, at the end, tell whether or not I recommend it from a variety of standpoints. Last time I reviewed the anime Mirai Nikki, and this time I'll be reviewing the game Fallout 3.
Fallout 3 cover art


Fallout 3 is an open-world post-apocalyptic action roleplaying game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and the third installment in the Fallout series released in 2008. Fallout 3 is set 36 years after the events of Fallout 2 (2241) and 200 years after the Great War (2077).

Because Fallout 3, unlike the previous Fallout games that were set on the west coast, is set on the east coast—the most war-ravaged part of the United States—the Wasteland is almost completely devoid of plant and animal life as well as healthy food and drinkable water due to the extreme radiation levels, opposite to New California and the Mojave Wasteland that remained mostly habitable. The atmosphere is desolate, there are few small areas of civilization and almost everything that lives wants to kill you. Therefore Fallout 3 provides one of the very best post-apocalyptic settings of any video game.

The game's story begins with the Lone Wanderer—the player character—being raised in Vault 101, a shelter built to protect up to 1,000 people from the nuclear fallout. At the age of nineteen, the Lone Wanderer's father disappears from the Vault, which infuriated the Vault's overseer to the point of sending the Vault security to kill the player character. They're forced to escape the Vault and search for their father in the Capital Wasteland—the ruins of Washington D.C., Northern Virginia and Maryland. Upon finding their father, the Lone Wanderer becomes involved in something much larger than their family life and changes their focus to a plan to change life in the Capital Wastes forever.

I won't go any further or more specific in the story to avoid spoiling it for people who have yet to play Fallout 3 for some reason. Changing the subject, the game's graphics are fairly good for 2008, though the characters look almost realistic, but not quite and many textures are often recycled. The physics are also great for their time, though not entirely realistic because of the hilarious event when you shoot somebody and as soon as they die, their body just defies the laws of gravity and flies across the area.

Fallout 3 also had good gameplay, although it had a tendency to crash and you cannot use iron sights, which is something a lot of people enjoy in first-person games. However, considering how massive and well-thought the game is, the game is still enjoyable for what it is and it's very easy to focus on everything that they got right instead of dwelling on a few things that are wrong with it.


Regardless of Fallout 3's number of flaws, it was still a classic and enjoyable game for many people, and is even played today because of how enjoyable it was and how massive it still is after all these years. Forgetting the lack of iron sights and character development, the frequent crashes and the game's tendency to make you feel guilty for negative actions that have a gray moral behind them, Fallout 3 is still a great game and definitely worth playing.

My rating: 9/10 (Almost perfect)

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Reviewed by ThatCelticFurry