Hey, everybody. I'm ThatCelticFurry and this is Furry Reviews, the series of articles in which I review whatever is in the title and, at the end, tell you whether or not I recommend it from a variety of standpoints. Tonight I'll be reviewing the anime Mirai Nikki.


Mirai Nikki, or as some know it by its English translation "Future Diary", is a 26-episode anime made after the manga of the same title. It focuses on a "survival game" between twelve different people, who each possess a future diary (which, as its name suggests, is a diary with entries from the future), that will end in all but one being killed and the one survivor becoming the next god of time.

The series begins with Yukiteru Amano, an antisocial teen who spends most of his time writing a diary on his cellphone that keeps records of the things happening around him or talking to his imaginary friends, Deus ex Machina, the god of time, and Murmur, Deus' servant. One day, Deus gives Yuki a special diary that strangely predicts the future of his surroundings, mentioning that it would be involved in a game. Yuki begins using the future diary for personal benefit until he learns that Yuno Gasai, his classmate and psychopathic stalker, also possesses a future diary that, since each diary predicts a certain part of the future, predicts Yuki's future specifically.

After the two of them kill the third diary owner together, it's revealed by Deus, who turns out to be real and not an imaginary friend, that he would be forcing Yukiteru to participate in a 90-day "game" in which the contestants kill each other and the last one remaining becomes the next god of time to prevent the apocalypse after Deus' death that would occur 90 days later. Yuki decides to use Yuno's obsession over him and skill to protect him as they kill the nine other diary owners.

I won't go any further past that in the story to avoid spoiling it, but as far as the story goes, it's epic, full of plot twists and there's even a decent amount of humor if you're into that, which I am. However, despite the initial fantastic first few episodes, later into the series you'll find that characters change drastically and toward the end, it becomes almost entirely depressing. Although it stays interesting enough to keep you hooked, you'll find yourself actually hoping for it to end as you get closer and closer to its final episode. Even after that, there's the 2013 epilogue to the series, but it will help to ease the sadness you're likely to feel after the end of episode 26. Aside from the story, the style is alright and the series provides quite a few characters that you'll love, hate, relate to, et cetera.


Though Mirai Nikki has its flaws, I recommend that you watch it because it has an interesting story, a few likeable characters and would only take you about five hours to get through the whole thing.

My rating: 7/10 (Pretty good.)

If you have your own rating and review on the series, share them in the form of a comment. I'll be posting new reviews in the future, so until then, (insert some quick life advice here) and I'll see you all next time.

Reviewed by ThatCelticFurry