Risk of Rain Cover

Hey, everyone. I’m back. Mhm. The Squirrel. Today’s topic is the game Risk of Rain. Let’s hop right in, shall we?

Risk of Rain is another roguelike game. I explained what a roguelike is in this review. This game is a zoomed out side scroller that features a Commando and a cast of eleven other playable characters that are stranded on a strange, hostile planet. You can only play one character per run, though. Throughout the game, the difficulty slowly increases the longer you take. You have to fight through constantly spawning enemies until you find the teleporter to the next level. When you activate the teleporter, there is a short period where tons of enemies (+A boss) spawn. After the time limit is over, the enemies stop spawning and you have to defeat the remainder on the level to teleport away. Once you get past all of the levels, you have to fight the 3 (4-5 in a way) final bosses.

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There is a multitude of different items from ones that create an electric barrier around you for as long as you’re killing enemies, to an item that increases your max health for every enemy that you kill. The game has an in-game difficulty changer, but in the beginning menus you have three levels called “drizzle”, “rainstorm”, and “monsoon”. With each of the three, the stats of the enemies, the teleporter times, and the amount of enemies increase.

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Now, what do I think of the game? I freaking love this game. I’ve only beaten this game once on drizzle. Like other rogue-likes, it’s insanely addictive and never stops being fun. The gameplay can be hard to get used to at first, but you can figure out how to go pro and take proper risks soon enough. I find it quite enjoyable that the creator has a sense of humor. You think the difficulty is done scaling when it gets to “Impossible”. Nope. There are three final difficulties. “I SEE YOU”, “I’M COMING FOR YOU”, and “HAHAHAHAHA”. If that’s not funny, yet terrifying, I don’t know what is. The difficulty keeps scaling it's just that the bar runs out of room. Overall, even though it can be extremely difficult, Risk of Rain is quality and very entertaining. Worth the buy. No doubt.

I’m done now. See you guys in the next review!

Reviewed by Spicy Squirrelz