All my friends told me that I have the most generic features of any guy on the face of the Earth. Brown hair that is combed to the side, brown eyes, a normal, small nose, and thirty-two pearly whites. I didn't believe them then, always trying to prove them wrong. They only laughed and continued their joking, making me feel horrible about myself. It only got worse. My friends searched my name, Justin, and found that it had more search results than any other name on the internet (besides Bob.) I felt terrible for being so generic. I had to prove them wrong, I had to prove that I wasn't generic.

To show my friends how wrong they were, I went to the best source of information I know of: the internet. I opened up a search engine and searched, “How to make yourself not generic.” What I found was only a bunch of bullcrap about making your personality better and a bunch of “recovering from depression” websites. I clicked through the pages and finally found something worthwhile. The link read: How to make yourself un-generic, which at first I thought was dumb. However, it was different than anything else I had found previously, so I clicked it. It brought up a page titled "GENERIC?" I scrolled down, reading what it had to say. It had the link to a video, and I clicked it.

Clicking the link opened up another window to a video on an unmarked website, and the video started. The screen was black, and a male voice could be heard, and it was saying how there is a painless new way to get a new identity. An image suddenly popped up, showing a man's head. On his neck, there was a dotted line that had a single word written under it: cut. The man, whose voice I recognized to be the same from before, said that using certain measurements, you could painlessly cut the skin off your face and replace it with another. With that, he produced a small knife and began cutting on the line. Blood gushed out of the cut, but he kept going all the way around to where he started, showing no signs of pain. He then dropped the knife and began pulling off his face. Strangely enough, I wasn't fazed by this, seeming that I had played games with worse violence than this, but that was besides the point. The man soon had no face, just bloody muscle, two eyes, and his teeth. He then explained that he could use another face to replace his own. He went off-screen for a second, and came back holding a different face in his hand. He then put it over his head like a mask and began to sew it on. He explained how any face will work, and as soon as he finished sewing, the face looked as if he had it the whole time. He smiled, and the video ended. In the description, it gave the exact measurements, which I wrote down. I knew that this video had changed my life, and that I would never be generic again.

Two Days Later...

I slipped the mask over my boring, generic face and set out into the night to find a new one. I walked alone on the streets toward the busy city. I had all my tools ready; the measurements, the knife, the sewing kit... I knew that in the city I would find my perfect match. When I arrived, the streets were filled with activity. I saw many faces, but they were so close to my boring, generic face that I would be recognized almost immediately. Then, I stumbled upon a man with the most un-generic face I had ever seen. It was covered with freckles, had bright blonde hair, and a perfect tan-ish skin tone. I then walked to the nearest alley and waited. A few moments later, I overheard a group of people coming. By the way they were talking, they seemed drunk. “Perfect,” I thought with a smile.

“Myles, I dare you to go down the alley and stay there for five minutes. If you can I'll let you keep the money you owe me,” one of the men said.

Myles must have owed the man a lot, because he replied, “If I can keep my money, I'll stay in the alley for ten minutes!”

“Deal!” the other man responded. Myles soon came stumbling into the alley, and I saw it was the man I was watching before. “Just my luck,” I thought. He soon stumbled right in front of me, and I proceeded to swiftly snap his neck. I dragged him back through the alley, down the abandoned streets leading up to my house. I arrived and hauled him inside, shutting and locking the door behind me.

I dragged him down to my cellar, and propped him up in a chair. I marked the areas to cut on his neck and I began my work. The incision had to be at least one centimeter deep to keep the skin from deteriorating once it was put onto me. Blood came gushing and spraying out of the wound, just like when the man removed his own face, but I kept going. Once I finished, I slowly pulled off Myles' face. I could now see his muscle underneath, bloody and twisted. I carefully set the face onto my desk and then proceeded to remove my own face. I saw the blood but felt no pain, even when I pulled it off. I grabbed Myles' face and set my own down in its place. I then pulled his face onto my head like a mask and sewed it on tight. It took awhile for it to settle onto my head, but it soon began operating like it had been there the wholetime. I liked my new face, at least for the time being, but now it is just dull and boring. Today I will set out to find my new face.

Article Posted By The Local Police Two Years After The Killing Of Myles Willard

Case File 4074: Generic The Facetaker/Generic Justin

Wanted for: Multiple Homicides

Information: Generic The Facetaker, aka Justin, is a ruthless killer who takes the faces of people who he thinks don't look generic. In an interview with his friends, police learned that they used to make fun of him for being so generic, and didn't know that he would go to such lengths to prove them wrong. Also, the only information they gave us for a name was Generic Justin because that was all they could remember that they called him. Justin's trademark is a small notecard that has only a picture of his old self before he became The Facetaker. The case went cold when we found that putting “Justin” with his picture matches over 1,000,000 people in the database. We reopened the case recently when he began to strike again. As far as we know, Justin is still on the lamb somewhere in the United States. If you have any information on the current whereabouts of a Generic Justin or Facetaker, please call the Quentin County Police Department.

Written by MysteryMan49