By day he's Artie Rumptz, AKA Fatal Disease, the guy who runs Starpolar Wiki and does crazy shit that Callie now forbids him ftom doing.

By night, he's GRAPE MAN, the creepy guy across the street who thinks he's protecting Starpolar City, but in reality he's secretly doing the things he isn't allowed to do.

By day he's Jack Meoff, AKA Rebel of Rebellion, chat mod and rollback for Starpolar Wiki who is afraid of heights and Michael Jackson's hands (he doesn't want to talk about it).

By night, he's RASPBERRY BOY, helping Fatal not get caught by Callie and helping him fight crime. And by helping, I mean Raspberry Boy does all the work. Grape scum.

By always, because the day and night rule doesn't apply to him here, he's Dr. Shitpost, mortal enemy of Grape Man and Raspberry Boy and the Greek god of douchebags.

By day, he's a skeleton. By night, he's still a skeleton. But for some reason, he turns into a cunt when the sun goes down and loyally serves Dr. Shitpost.

Callie, Simba and Weaver all work at Starpolar Wiki, actually running the show around here and trying to keep Fatal from doing stuff he isn't allowed to do. Grape Man and Raspberry Boy get grounded if they're caught being superheroes at night, which is why Raspberry Boy now carries a lead pipe around.

Together, Grape Man and Raspberry Boy beat the shit out of thugs and wannabes in Starpolar City, thinking they're doing a good job when they're making the world's problems worse.

But they now face a new foe: Dr. Shitpost, that skeleton dude, and the shitposting army of the STF, AKA the Shitposting Task Force. Can Grape Man and Raspberry Boy defeat the evils of Dr. Shitpost while not getting grounded by Callie?! Most likely not.

But since I'm an asshat, you're gonna have to find out in the next episode of... THE FRUIT JUSTICE L- wait, I can't say that? DC is gonna sue us if we do that? Dammit, Callie, you're no fun.


P.S. I'm grounded now.

Written by Rebel of Rebellion