One day, a user known as SOMEGUY123, better known as SG, noticed the Starpolar Wiki being spotlighted across Wikia. Intrigued, he browsed the site for a couple minutes. An evil smile slowly spread across his acne-plagued face.

"This is a perfect Wiki to vandalize," he said to himself. He called up his buddy LOLSKELETONS and posted a thread linking the Wiki on 4chan, attempting to incite a raid.

Meanwhile, Fatal, Rebel, Callie, Nix, and Simba were hanging out in the Wiki chat when Fatal noticed a massive influx of pages.

"Did you guys post anything?" asked Fatal, to which everyone replied no. Fatal looked at the new pages and all he saw was a bunch of spam and pictures of chickens. Suddenly, a whole bunch of new users attacked the chat.

"Oh shit!" cried Fatal. "Starpolar Wiki is under attack! This looks like a job for GRAPE MAN!"

"OH NO YOU DON'T!" yelled Callie. "You can't be a superhero, Fatal. You're setting a terrible example for-"

"RASPBERRY BOY WANTS TO HELP!" screamed Rebel, and the two heroes transformed into their costumes.

Callie, Simba and Nix kept yelling at the two, telling the two that they must stop.

Grape Man and Raspberry Boy looked at each other for a second. Raspberry Boy then pulled out a lead pipe and smacked everyone (Except for Fatal) with it.

"I gotta... go to bed," said Nix.

"Hakunaa... matataaaa..." said Simba.

"Remind me... to add this to the... list..." said Callie.

All three collectively left chat because they were knocked unconscious by a virtual pipe. Why? Because fuck logic at this point.

Grape Man and Raspberry Boy then dove into cyberspace, deleting as much spam as they could. Grape Man blocked the raiders as Raspberry Boy deleted the spam pages. Actually, Raspberry Boy had to block (AKA hit with his pipe) people AND delete pages. However, Grape Man was too busy riding around on his Razor scooter screaming "Wheeee..." like a happy and giddy child.

Dr. Shitpost, formerly SG, watched the chaos from a hot air balloon while Skelly gave the orders to "SHUT. DOWN. EVERYTHING." Dr. Shitpost smiled, believing he had succeeded, and ate some Greek yogurt.

"Sir," reported Skelly, "the pages are being deleted and our army is getting blocked. There's also some fat dude on a scooter flying towards us with some kid in pink following him."

"It's Grape Shit and Raspberry Bitch! Shoot them down!"

Skelly didn't have time to react before Fatal hit him head on, making Skelly fall apart into a pile of bones. Raspberry Boy got out and prepared for a fight, but Grape Man unzipped his pants.

"Grape Man, what the fuck are you doing?!" yelled Raspberry Boy.

"I gotta pee," declared Grape Man.

"Ughh, fine, just make it quick."

Grape Man pissed all over Skelly's remains and joined the fight, ready to defend his Wiki.

Grape Man and Raspberry Boy attacked Dr. Shitpost, landing blow after blow successfully. Dr. Shitpost flung bad memes and manure at them, but Grape Man rammed into Dr. Shitpost with his scooter, causing him to nearly fall out of the balloon. Raspberry Boy clobbered Dr. Shitpost with the lead pipe, and just when the Greek God of Douchebags thought it couldn't get any worse, the heroes pulled out the big guns.

"FRRRRRRUIIIIIIT POWER!" they screamed in unison, ejecting fruit juice from their [CENSORED :D] and knocking Dr. Shitpost out of the balloon. He fell, screaming, down onto a pile of spikes Grape Man uploaded to the Wiki. Dr. Shitpost was dead.

Down below, everyone at Starpolar rejoiced, celebrating the heroes for their bravery. Grape Man rode around on his scooter8and Raspberry Boy did a victory screech.

Callie, Simba and Nix became conscious again and logged back on, cheering on the heroes. Grape Man landed the hot air balloon and climbed out. Grape Man and Raspberry Boy changed back into Fatal and Rebel.

"That was SO COOL!" said Nix.

"Lion approves," said Simba.

"You're still grounded," said Callie.

Everyone paused and then proceeded to beat the shit out of Callie, eventually knocking her unconscious and making her log out for a second time.

Fatal and Rebel high-fived in triumph, happy both that the Wiki was saved and that they weren't grounded. And so that concludes this episode of GRAPE MAN AND RASPBERRY BOY!

"Hey, Fatal?"


"Your fly is down from earlier."

Written by Rebel of Rebellion