I watched ABrandonToThePast's video about this pasta, and I must say this now: In my honest opinion, this pasta is grossly overrated.

To anyone who does like this pasta and does not want to hear what I have to say, don't read any further.

Let it be known first that I have a strong dislike for video game pastas as a whole, but that's not the only reason for this negative review. This pasta is a cliched, overly inflated string of nothing with no real conclusion and absolutely no explanation for why any of the events took place. Pikachu cannot learn Curse or Pain Split. You cannot obtain a legitimate Shiny Celebi by any means in the second generation (the game was programmed that way, look it up). There is no explanation for why the player's party keeps changing or why the Unown keep going up in level or why the player's badge count keeps going up. I'm just getting started.

This pasta could have been so much better if there was some kind of attempt at explaining why all this unscary nonsense happened. Instead we're just left to chalk it all up to "suspension of disbelief"? No. That's not enough. Couldn't some ROM hacker or game designer have gotten ahold of the game and changed it or even the wrong codes were inputted one too many times into a Gameshark? At least that would have been something!

On top of that, it just isn't scary at all. Oh, Unown spelling out vague words and Pokemon dying instead of fainting? That's never been done before, no one would ever think of putting that in a Pokepasta. Squidward's Suicide and Normal Porn had far scarier elements in them and, again, at least the authors of those TRIED to explain why everything that happened, happened.

So overall, if I had to rate this pasta, I'd give it a 2/10. The two is for it at least having passable use of language and clean grammar. Other than that, it's a forgettable and half-assed attempt at shock value that totally fails to be scary, entertaining or interesting.

/rant over.

Reviewed by Grizzly Bear