Tailbands have a body, a head that is always the same size, white faces, small eyes, pointed ears, furred tails and four round paws. They can have male, female or genderless but have no sex organs.

Like cats, they have retractile claws and pronounced fangs, although their teeth resemble that of an omnivore, with pointed cutting teeth and flat grinding teeth. Their claws are sharp only at the tips and Tailbands accustomed to living with humans may be capable of using them like fingers to perform delicate tasks like reading books.

Some Tailbands have wings, but very few can fly with them. Flying is considered a special power (more on those later) but even the luckiest winged Tailbands cannot fly any better than the average songbird.

Fur color, length and texture varies at birth and does not change throughout life. Tailbands usually have the same fur color as the skin on their heads, while their ears are a different shade of that same color. (E.g. a Tailband with black fur and skin would have grey ears.) Their paws are often white or tipped with white. Tails tend to be about as long as the body and head combined, and some Tailbands may have more than one.

Their eyes are small, often brightly-colored and lack pupils. They have better eyesight than humans as well as enhanced hearing, but a very poor sense of smell and thus very little sense of taste. The most sensitive parts of their bodies are their faces, their paws, the bottoms and points of their claws and the bases of their tails.

Some Tailbands, like Valkrie (a female with a masculine voice) have a voice that does not match their gender, but this is extremely rare.

Tailbands have a scampering kind of gait. They can run about as fast as most humans but have much better stamina and agility than us. Their claws help them to climb, and most cannot swim.

Paw Marks

Some Tailbands (about one in ten) have a symbol on the soles of their paws. It usually matches the color of their eyes and each one means something different.

Four-pointed star: Means great power.

Heart shape: Means a long and healthy life and survival of grievous injuries.

Three-leaved clover: Means luck in abundance.

Crescent moon: Means strong spiritual intuition.

Life and Reproduction

Although some Tailbands live in groups throughout many places in the wild, most of them live with humans. They may be treated as pets or as companions, or like the same lives humans do- eating human food, doing human things and even wearing clothing.

Most Tailbands do not get along well with other animals. As they are partly predatory in nature, they will often attack and kill small to medium-sized animals like birds, mice, rats, fish and stray pets. They are omnivorous and can live on a diet of either animal matter, plant matter or a mix of both. They do feel hunger but it takes weeks or months for starvation to kill them.

Tailbands can only reproduce if a male and female who are capable of shifting into human form (one of the rarest special powers) bear a child through sexual intercourse. Because of this restriction and the power's rarity, Tailbands who can transform into humans are highly promiscuous and disregard relationship/marital fidelity completely in an effort to bear young and keep the species alive.

If a Tailband in human form were to mate with an ordinary human, he or she would not produce any offspring.

If a male Tailband in human form impregnates a female Tailband in human form, she will be unable to transform back until she had had her baby. Children born this way cannot transform into their Tailband form until they reach adulthood at around 18-25 years of age.

Tailbands do not appear to have a limited lifespan. They can die only by unnatural means but are harder to kill than most creatures.

Special Powers

Every Tailband has a special power they are born with and retain for their entire life. Some examples are listed in order of rarity, from most common to least common:

-Immunity to certain diseases like rabies.
-Resistance to extreme heat.
-Resistance to extreme cold.
-Capability of losing blood indefinitely without dying.
-Capability of being submerged in water indefinitely without drowning.
-Ability to fly.
-Ability to detect strong emotions of loved ones across great distances without any communication.
-Ability to shift into a human form and back at will.

Not all Tailbands are immediately aware of their powers, some only discovering which ones they have when the situation arises.


There are three distinct kinds of Tailbands- the Aggressors, the Defenders, and the Peacekeepers.

Aggressors: Equal parts male and female. 47% of all Tailbands. Rarely back down from challenges, highly competitive, hate to lose anything and generally have an attack-first, ask-questions-later mentality. They are the least likely to live among humans and often have black or vividly-colored fur.

Defenders: Slight precedence of males over females. 47% of all Tailbands. Tend to be very good at intellectual debates, have strong bodies and can thrive in virtually any environment. They like humans and many choose to live with or near them. Have paler fur than Aggressors in most cases.

Peacekeepers: Sometimes called Soul Tamers. Genderless, male or female. 6% of all Tailbands. They have a natural tendency to be patient, forgiving and understanding, will listen to troubled individuals and help others without resorting to violence. Some live with humans. They usually have white or pale fur.

Existing Characters

Group Who Needs a Better Name: Valkrie (Aggressor), Bandit (Defender) and Silver (Peacekeeper).

The GWNBN are a trio of very close friends who live in the extravagant Band House and explore many areas for various purposes. They all share a few common traits:

-They are at least a hundred years old.
-Their special powers are flying. Valkrie has small yellow wings, Bandit has larger pink ones and Silver has strange, batlike blue wings.

Valkrie: Yellow wings, mostly pink fur and gold notches in her ears. Orange eyes.

Valkrie has a passionate and aggressive personality. She hates to lose, never backs out of a fight or argument and sometimes overestimates her capabilities. Relying much more on instinct and feelings than reason, she strikes fear into enemies and can repel strangers and softer personalities from thinking favorably of her.

Bandit: Rose-colored wings, black and white fur and white ear notches, grey ears. Green eyes. The tip of his tail is white and he wears a red-and-yellow necktie.

Bandit is the analyst, researcher and problem-solver. He is good at persuading others, doesn't mind manual work and has an almost insatiable interest in monsters, faraway places and the supernatural. Of all three his is the closest to humans and values their feelings as much as those of his own friends, something few Tailbands do.

Silver: Blue wings, long white fur and pale blue ears. One eye is green, one is blue. His tail is unusually long and flowing and he has small star markings on the soles of his paws.

Silver doesn't speak as much as his friends and doesn't mind spending long periods of time alone, but is pleasant to be around because of his gentle and calm nature. A talented flier, he very rarely resorts to violence to solve his problems and is willing to be kind to anyone he deems deserves it. Some find him bizarre and even intimidating because of his oddly colored eyes.