I kind of want to change my name to be about my new favorite bird Pokemon, but I'd have to make a new account and I don't want to do that. :,c

10. Listen to music. This is only so low on the list because I do it so much. I spend at least a few hours a day listening to music. Some of my favorite bands/artists include 3DG, Kamelot and any Weird Al parody he's ever made.

9. Watch videos. Since I don't have or like cable TV, I prefer watching documentaries, news shows, movie reviews and anything else I forgot to mention on YouTube. Some of my favorite YT channels include Steve Shives (one of the very rare polite YT atheists), AronRa, The Amazing Atheist, CellSpex, Nostalgia Critic, ElectricDragon, David Pakman Show, VICE, etc.

8. Doodle things. I don't do this a lot anymore but I sometimes like to doodle a few things when I'm in an artsy mood or I have nothing to write about. I'm really kind of bad at drawing but I don't let it get me down. At least not too much.

7. Take walks. Especially on sunny days. There are a lot of places to walk where I live and I always enjoy getting out for a bit on a nice day. Sometimes I'll ride a bike instead but at the moment I don't exactly have one.

6. Play online/video games. Mostly the latter. I have quite a few consoles and a fair amount of games, mostly Nintendo related, and there's a pretty long list of games I'd like to play in the future.

5. Review/criticize things. I do this a lot. Usually it's books or individual stories but I might try movies at some point too. A lot of people say I'm a harsh reviewer and they either love or hate the kind of feedback I give. I have to say I enjoy it either way because writers who think they're a lot better than they really are are a dime a dozen online.

4. Sing. I VERY rarely do this even though I enjoy it so much. My singing voice is honestly terrible because of how little emotion I seem capable of putting into the words, so I'd much rather use it for talking unless I am completely alone.

3. Talk to people, to one very special person in particular. I enjoy talking to pretty much anyone, but people I know here especially, and most especially my special someone. Every time the two of us can talk is always a good time.

2. Write. I try to write a certain amount every day, whether it's a story or just something more informal like this list or a review or two. Still, I really need to do more stories because it's not my talent yet and I want to make it so to become a good writer in all areas.

1. READ THINGS. I read everything. I read books, I read blogs, I read reviews, I read journal entries, TV guides, newspapers and articles, even labels on food containers. Reading is one thing I never get bored of and do at every opprotunity. It's probably the method of entertainment I do the most on and offline.

List by Grizzly Bear