My father, my father, my father, can't feel the love...

If you're someone that is actually old enough to be on YouTube, chances are you've listened to this song at least a thousand times, much like any other 009 Sound System song. The difference is that 009 Sound System's songs got annoying quickly as hell while this one, for some reason, didn't, at least for me.

Aaah, 2007-2010 YouTube. For me, those years were the golden age of YouTube. No Minecraft videos, no let's plays with annoying commentary, no Google+, none of that. I still remember late 2007 with its 240p videos all over YouTube and its Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas videos, with occasionally a 009 Sound System song playing or this song.

Groove Cutter - My Shooter

Groove Cutter - My Shooter

Groove Cutter is yet another one of those creators that disappear after creating one song, but said song leaves its mark. "My Shooter" could be heard in a lot of videos all over YouTube before videos that featured it started to disappear.

"My Shooter" is a techno trance song with no clear meaning behind its lyrics, which mostly are "My shooter, my shooter, my shooter, won't trip me. My tripper, my tripper, my tripper, won't hit me. My father, my father, my father, can't feel the love. Oh-ooh, oh-ooh". But still, this song is good. Every time the singer sings those lyrics, it makes you want to sing along.

"My Shooter" is a simple techno trance song, but a memorable one, thanks to YouTube.

Listening to this song makes me remember those red stars and the yellow subscribe button.

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