Not Important: My life is cold bitter hatred.

Linkin Park: CRAAAAAAWLING IIIIIIN MY-*shot dead*

*goes outside*

Innocent people: OH GOD NO-*dies*


Not Important: Ah, the first Human Shields.

Not quite dead Linkin Park: THEEEEEESE WOOOOOOOUNDS-*shot dead*

*Not Important enters sewers, shoots SWAT, kills hobos and leaves, kills people at the countryside and gets in a train*

Not Important: This train is going to be a big, iron coffin for all of you-Ooh, a nuclear power station.

*Not Important stops train, murders people at train station and downtown, but not before claiming he hates politics and politicians because if he loved politics and politicians would make him too evil, steals army humvee, slaughters an entire army base apparently filled with boy scouts by himself and steals two C4s BECAUSE THAT'S PROBABLY ENOUGH TO EXPLODE A NUCLEAR POWER STATION. Not Important goes to said Nuclear Power Station, kills people plants C4 on two reactors because he somehow knew there would only be two reactors and thinks "Hmm, maybe they won't do the job, so I better overload the reactors from the control room" so he goes there, contaminates a black man with his edgyness and also makes a cut on his head. Said man is forced to overload the reactors but midway, decides he won't do that and is killed. Not Important inputs "666" on the password bar because ZOMG SATANS AND SHIT, army bursts into room, Not Important attemps to laugh but ends up sounding like he choked on a razor and army shoots Not Important in the chest instead of in the head.*

Not Important: *Still alive* I only wonder if those explosives will work...*explodes C4 along with overloading reactors and blows the entire town up.*

Not Important: *AFTER the explosion* Well...They did...



*Alternate ending*

*Not Important fails to input 666 and dies but not without blowing up the explosives first. Nuclear Power Plant STILL EXPLODES AND WIPES OUT ENTIRE TOWN*

Written by Synthwave