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Author's note: I highly advise reading the first two reviews before reading this one. (They can be read here and here) Other than that, enjoy the final installment of the Knife Party Series.

Summary: Well, fuck.


If you have made in this far and reached the final installment in my trilogy of reviewing Knife Party's EPs, give yourself a fucking medal. You have managed to survive about 38 minutes of pure ear torture that has supposedly reached its climax with this. Knife Party's main release for 2013, the Haunted House EP, shows us that Knife Party still has the ability to get on our last nerves. Prepare to meet another level of my ruthless side.


1. Power Glove (4:21) - A supposed tribute to an infamous piece of 1980s gaming history should not have ended up with this. Sampling the iconic phrase associated with the actual Power Glove, "Now you're playing with power!", does not do anything but create an unnecessary reference. Yes, I am aware that this song is your attempt at creating a tribute to the Power Glove. We did not need its catchphrase tacked on to this already awful song. Once the song finally drops after a minute and a half, we get treated to this. Do I need to say any more than that?

2. LRAD (5:15) - I guess it can't be a Knife Party EP without some widely hated big room house. For those that do not know, big room is an electro house subgenre that has been criticized by some producers for becoming a stereotypical "EDM" sound lacking differentiation and creativity. With that statement in mind, one can only imagine why Knife Party decided to piss off their fans with this little number. This song is noteworthy because it has the longest time interval until the first drop that I have ever heard (2 minutes and 15 seconds). If this song had any redeemable qualities, I will say that it is the most tolerable song off of this EP, but that's not enough to save this atrocity.

3. EDM Death Machine (4:23) - I do appreciate the opening vocal sample on this one. It is basically criticizing the following topics (In order of appearance): How many producers "drop the bass" in their songs, 2013's massive viral sensation, the "Harlem Shake", the song "Decisions" by Borgore, and even Knife Party's own songs "Internet Friends" and "Antidote" (a collaboration with Swedish House Mafia). After this, the intro goes on as normal until we are treated to some robotic sound effects as the song builds up. As the song drops, the beat is fast and catchy, but the random synths that prevail throughout the entire track ruin it for me. The bridge changes the song's BPM to one that sounds breakbeat in nature. After that, the drop kicks back in and the song is pretty much over at that point. It's a "meh" song, but it is not as bad as this last song. Just saying that now.

4. Internet Friends VIP (5:00) - This was Knife Party's last minute replacement to the EP after they announced that "Baghdad" would be replaced. The song is pretty much a copy/paste of the original with only the first half of the first drop changed and the pre-drop phrase is changed (barely) as well. ("You blocked me on Facebook and now you're going to die." is changed to "You blocked me on Facebook and now you're going to get fucked up.") Also, instead of another repeat of the drop, we get treated to this drop. I do like how it sounds, but was it really worth it? Better question, was this entire song really worth being released? Fucking. Dammit.

Ending Statement

This was the final nail in the coffin for Knife Party before the release of Abandon Ship. I have neglected 1 hour, 52 minutes, and 37 seconds of my life to listen to all 3 EPs and the album. I have pretty much had it with Knife Party after listening to Abandon Ship. Fuck it. I'm done. This series of reviews is now complete. Dad, I know you can hear me and you're fucking welcome.

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