I guess people can't handle criticism, huh? If you're somebody like me whose writing skills are not as good as many well-known or semi-well-known horror writers out there, like EmpyrealInvective, Slimebeast, Grizzly Bear, etc., I usually don't get mad and make a scene over the Internet just because my story was removed from a website that I posted it at. However, there are just as many "writers" who think that their work is a "literary masterpiece" and throw a hissy fit when their work has been removed from a well-known website. Think this is weird and doesn't make sense? It could be, but let me better explain this through an example.

All of the following is taken from JC-the-Hyena's tirade after he found out that his story "Sonic.exe" was deleted from the Creepypasta Wiki in January of 2014 (Unfortunately, the original journal is no longer available, but reposts, like this one, of its contents still exist). The spelling errors are intentional because that is how he wrote it. I will also be giving my thoughts on what is happening.

"I deeply regret to inform you all that I received some bad news.

The Admins of the Creepypasta wiki have finalkly decided to delete Sonic.exe offa the wiki, on the grounds that it was "badly written" and "had too many cliches" and "was a bad example of what should be a creepypasta".

OK, so far, so good. You are addressing your "loyal" fans on what just happened and the reasons behind the admins' decision. Granted, the decision to delete the pasta was a community consensus, so you can't solely place the blame on just the admins when so many others wanted it gone. So I guess you're going to take this deletion like a man, JC?




I guess I'll take that as a no?

"As you can see I am FURIOUS with the fact that my masterpiece, which has won the hearts of millions and has made a massive impact on the internet, is being brought down by a bunch of jealous, arrogant, retarded FURRY-HATERS."

"As you can see"? Well, this is just a twist of the knife isn't it? From what I can see, there is no reason to get angry over a terrible story getting deleted (i.e. cliches, plot holes, you get the picture). And JC, come on. Your "masterpiece" has "won the hearts of millions and has made a massive impact on the internet"? This entire thing is a joke, right? Because this is exactly what I thought when I first read this.

It might have made a massive impact on the Internet, but with as much positive reception comes just as many, if not more, negative reception and you HAVE to be able to deal with criticism. With that being said, the story DID NOT win the hearts of millions because, if my point hasn't been made clear, numerous people hated it.

Also, the last part of this is completely uncalled for. You're calling the administrators "a bunch of jealous, arrogant, retarded furry-haters"? Not many of them are jealous since the majority of them write their own stories, which do garner acclaim from the creepypasta community, and even LAUGH when someone like you thinks that you have written the greatest story ever, they go and read it, and they write a negative review over how bad it was.

Also, calling the admins retarded is making yourself look even more stupid. Because they deleted your story, they're automatically retarded for doing so? Maybe you should look up the textbook definition of what retardation is before using it as an insult. I think the "FURRY-HATERS" part was just an attempt to rally the community of FurAffinity (The website where this rant was originally posted) against the Creepypasta Wiki. Didn't go over too well, did it? Maybe we should take a picture/drawing of JC-the-Hyena and put in the dictionary under the words "arrogant" and "hypocrite".


"That does not mean I am just going to sit down and take this lightly.


"They have been messing with the bull, and now they've called out the horns!

Listen everyone, I need your help with this. We are at WAR here. I want every Sonic.exe fan who is reading this to get the word out! I want you to tell every other Sonic.exe fan out there, every fanatic, every artist, every follower of my creation about this. Tell your friends who are also Sonic.exe fans if they have to! Tell them we have to keep the spirit of Sonic.exe alive!"

What you're saying here is that you're treating your story's deletion from the Creepypasta Wiki as a declaration of war? This statement... just made me question reality. Is this the right thing to do when things don't go my way? NO. IT'S NOT. You're starting a war over a story that at least 90% of the community HATES. Might I add, but what is your "war" going to accomplish? The reinstatement of it back to the Wiki? No, it's going to accomplish making yourself looking more like a fucking immature fool.

Sure, you can rally the "Sonic.exe" "fanbase" and have them protest on the Wiki, but they will do either one or two things: Either A. Not care at all and find the story somewhere else on the Internet. Or B. Go through with the protest and come to realize after a few days that even what they are doing is stupid (At least it would teach them a lesson in common sense).

"Make more fanart, make more videos, block the haters, praise Sonic.exe like you never have before, build websites dedicated to his greatness, whatever you gotta do to keep him alive and strong, JUST DO IT.

The deletion of Sonic.exe from the wiki is but a minor cut on our flower of greatness, my friends! And that cut has done nothing but further the spreading, and we are the pollen of this flower! We need to prepare for our victory over the Haters! The Haters need to BLEED for their crimes!!"

Does making more fan art of "Sonic.exe" dying a gruesome death count? Do videos of people mocking you and your story count for making more videos? I don't think you thought this through when you wrote this, so I will just leave that with you. Blocking the haters will make yourself seem more cowardly and not being able to take criticism from anyone. I'm just going to stop right there in naming off his "solutions" to keeping his "creation" alive because the other two are self-explanatory and just as stupid.

Also, "Sonic.exe" won't "spread" like you say it will because, even 18 months after the story's removal from the Wiki, little to no one remembers the story. If they know anything about it, they know that it was horribly written to the point that it's beyond repair. And you're saying that the people that hate Sonic.exe need to bleed and that hating the story is a crime? I should just shut up and move on before I commit a crime that I had no idea even existed.

"Rejoice, my fellow Sonic.exe Fans! Our glorious little Hellspawn shall have the laugh yet!

"THIS will be his ultimate victory!

"The absolute subjugation...


Oh, for the love of all things holy, just shut the hell up. I have nothing new to say here because you can pretty much tell what my final thoughts are about this journal entry and the story itself. If you didn't know already, here's the TL;DR version:

JC cannot seem to figure out why his story is so bad and hated by the majority of the Internet so he takes to the Internet to make bullshit claims to try and rally people for his side. In reality, him trying to start a war between FurAffinity and the Creepypasta Wiki made himself look like an idiot because A. As I previously mentioned, the majority of the Creepypasta Wiki's community loathes the story and B. The majority of FurAffinity DOES NOT CARE. AT ALL.

Enough talking about this. This has been "How Not To Deal With Deletion". Don't be an idiot.

Reviewed by your friendly neighbourhood lion from the Pride Lands