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So this is my first review on an instrument. I wanted to do this on my guitar but I had no idea what to say (it's that amazing).

Anyways, here's my review on the Ibanez Gio Soundgear Bass.

I bought this bass last week in order for me to record my first studio album, but I had to put it on hold because it was a used bass and the police wanted to scan it to see if it was stolen. I got this bass on Monday and, to my surprise, it's a great bass. Ibanez always produces cool looking basses, but when I got one in my hands I was astonished. The neck feels perfectly good that it's easy to slide from one fret to another quickly, and it produces a great sound.

The only downside of is that when I put all the bass tones at full volume it creates a static sound on my bass amp. It's not the amp, because the amp is a new amp; it's the bass. I don't know if it's from its previous owner or not, but I know that I have to keep at least one tone or the other at low volume so that it won't create the static noise.

Overall, I find this bass a good bass. It produces a very well tone and has a fast neck that can make getting to the notes very easily.

Reviewed by Fatal Disease