The Little Caesars Pretzel Crust Pizza was (and soon to be is, since my mom said it's coming back) a pizza from Little Caesars.


The crust is made up of a soft pretzel. The crust is actually good, minus the salt. It makes the crust too salty, so that's a major let-down.


The cheese on the pizza is cheddar cheese. It doesn't taste like the crappy Land o' Lakes cheese in a cup, so that's good. I like the cheese personally; it's a lot different than the usual mozzarella cheese.

Pizza Overall

There have been some good things about it; there have been some bad stuff. You can be one of those people who either like it or dislike it. I'm one of those people that actually like the pizza, and I give the pizza a 8/10 overall.

Reviewed by Fatal Disease