It had been over three months since her dad died, four months since her 17th birthday. Maddie looked about her kitchen, groaning at the number of dishes she now had to do. Inexplicably, every night all the dishes in the house were used in some form or fashion. It was severely annoying.

But Maddie wasn’t going to bother getting into another argument with her mother about it, like she had with everything from religion to her transgender status. She and her mother always fought, like cats and dogs. Her mother apparently thought she was an idiot.

But on top of that, Maddie always felt that her mother blamed her for her father’s death.

Her father died of a heart attack only three months earlier. Her mother and she fought wildly afterward. Her mother would always say things such as “Maybe he wouldn’t have died if someone had changed!” and other hurtful things. Hurtful, terrible things. She would always imply that Maddie’s transgender status caused his heart attack, and her refusal to live as a boy was the cause.

She filled the sink and began to scrub the plates. She did the dishes quietly, having stuck her headphones in and listening to music.

Maddie’s mother didn’t say that she loved Maddie anymore. She didn’t hug her, treat her nicely. Not a thing.

She began rinsing off everything she had washed, and placed it on the counter. She walked out of the kitchen and, with her mother being in bed, left to the outside. She pulled a cigarette from her pocket and put it into her mouth, then pulled her lighter out, struck it, and lit up.

That was the first night.

The next day, Monday, was the day she had the second “night”. She went up to her best friend, who, for some reason, kept making excuses to get away from her. That is, until He finally did stop and tell her of his issues. Something she wouldn’t take kindly too.

“Will you stop following me?! It doesn’t take an idiot to know I’m trying to avoid you!” he exclaimed angrily.

“But… Why?” Maddie was stunned. She carried the shocked expression on her face.

“Because you’ve changed. You take too much pity on yourself, you’re selfish, and you’ve got a superiority complex, the whole nine yards,” he said. “I’m sick of it. Your dad died, so get over it! You screwed me, Maddie. I’m tired of playing jester to a queen.”

“What? I don’t thi…”

“No. Don’t say it. I’m not going to argue about it with you. We’re through. I’ve had enough.”

With that, he walked away. Her shocked expression eventually became soaked with tears. She just lost her best friend. He was gone. They were done. He was there for her through everything and suddenly, they were done.

But that wasn’t all that happened to her during her day. Maddie had a bully; one who would stop at nothing to make her miserable. Her name, the only Maddie really cared about, was Emma.

Emma saw her in the hallway. Maddie was still soaked with tears, but that didn’t stop her from seeing Emma from a mile away. She prepared for the relentless assault on her character and her conditions.

“Aww, is the widdle baby crying because she wet her diaper?” Emma picked at her. “Need a changing?”

Maddie snapped back. “Shut up, Emma.”

“Or what? What will you do, baby? A gay baby. That’s what you are. A gay baby. You can’t do nothing.”

“Shut up, Emma!”

There was a reason behind the baby comments. The obvious reason behind the “gay” comment was her status as a transgirl. The baby comments were different.

She got so stressed out at a few points, she lost control. So she would wear diapers to control this. But one day, Emma and her cronies were in the locker rooms- with her. They pantsed her. And that discovery probably ruined her life. After that, the baby comments began. Her life became more and more miserable day by day.

Normally, her best friend would come to her rescue. But today, he was gone. He hated her now.

Emma and her croons kept picking, but their words became simply demons that she could hear inside her head. It was as though they were speaking in a different language, but she still knew they were insulting and offending her.

“Just shut up you stupid whore!”

Emma stopped. “What did you call me? I think the little baby needs to be punished. Get her, girls.”

Emma’s friends surrounded her. Each one grabbed her. She fought back, and fought back hard, but it was futile. Emma called out orders after she sat on a nearby bench.

“Bring her here, bend her over!”

Despite Maddie’s saying “No, No, Please No!” she was ignored. She was bent over Emma’s knee. Emma raised her hand, and brought it down hard on the other girl’s butt. Over and over again. Emma was laughing.

She was humiliated. Everyone laughed. Everyone. She sat there, for over an hour, doing nothing but crying. She hated this. She hated her life, her miserable, abused, horrible life. She could take no more.

She got home, just a little afterward. Her mother stopped her in her path.

“The dishes weren’t done last night.”

“What do you mean? I did the dishes last night!”

“No, you didn’t. They weren’t put away.”

“That doesn’t-"

She was interrupted by a palm coming hard across her face and knocking her to the floor. Her mother began screaming at her relentlessly.

“I'm tired of your backtalk, and your disrespect! I’m tired of your crap about how your agnostic and transgender, you're a Christian boy and you will live as a Christian boy! I'll not have the devil in my house, and that's whose house it is, it's Mine! So shut up, before you kill me like you killed your father, you stupid bitch!”

Maddie simply sat there and began to cry. Her mother just walked away. She cried from the shock, the shock of again having her mother’s hand go across her face. She cried from the terror of losing her best friend. And she cried from the horrible truth…

She was alone.

It was right there that everything changed. Maddie snapped. Her father’s death, her hateful mother, her lost best friend. She couldn’t take those events on top of her miserable life, the bullying, and the hatred.

Something snapped in her that night…

She thought for a moment, on killing herself, ending it all. This thought remained for a moment.

That is, until she thought of a far better plan.

Why kill yourself, when you can kill everyone else?

Maddie always had a fascination with Creepypastas; short stories meant to shock and scare the reader. She absolutely adored one in particular: Jeff the Killer. She had read so many stories written about him so many times. She idolized him. Not just because he was a psychopathic killer; but because he seemed to have no fears, no doubts. Not that he was “brave”, just that he really didn’t give a fuck. If he had a problem; he could just end it, right there. He was too sociopathic to give a crap.

She stood. It was time. Time for her fantasy to become a reality. For her to finally become like the man she idolized. To become uncaring, sadistic. Just like everyone else was to her. Evil, cruel, and sadistic. She was going to pay them back. She was going to pay them all back.

Her hatred was brewing. She was sick. She was tired.

She waited until her mother went to bed. Traveling into the kitchen, she opened a drawer containing the knives, and pulled out a large, sharp flaying knife. She flipped it by the handle, the blade in her hand, and began to smile. It wasn’t her usual smile. No, not even close. This smile was far more psychotic, far more intimidating. Raising it in her hand, she opened her mother’s bedroom door. She paced slowly over to her mother’s bed, her sadistic smile growing ever wider and wider.

Now standing at the edge of her mother’s bed, the flaying knife raised above her head, she said softly, “Mother. Mother, it’s time to wake up. Wake up, mother. Wake up.”


The last “Maddie” was a loud scream as Maddie’s knife came down onto her mother, with sadistic and sociopathic pleasure. Her mother had moved at the last minute, causing Maddie to miss her lung. She was struck in the kidney, and bleeding a gory mess of red blood through the sheets. Her mother screamed in agony and terror, shocked and scared that her son- no, daughter could do this.

Maddie pulled the knife back out, her eyes giving the look of a true psychopath.

"Surprise, mother," she said calmly.

She grabbed her mother’s arm, and shoved the knife deep into it. It stopped itself on her elbow, Maddie’s mother screaming in pain. Maddie pulled the knife toward her with sadistic pleasure, the knife ripping open her mother’s arm. As more and more and more screaming erupted from the room, Maddie laughed sadistically.

“This is just how it feels emotionally, Mother! Isn’t it amazing! It is for me! I’ve never felt better! It’s amazing!” she laughed again, her maniacal laugh getting louder and louder as she finally pulled the knife from her mother’s arm.

She took the blood-soaked knife, and raised it again. She brought it down into her mother chest, and pulled it back, the knife ripping through her mother’s flesh as her mother screeched, blood spurting from her mouth and her wounds. She raised the knife, repeating the process, and making a perfect “X” across her torso. She raised the knife again, as her mother put her hands up to cover her face.

“Pl-ease Maddie, I’m sor-ry, so, so sorry,” her mother cried with tears in her eyes.

Maddie spoke back ,”It’s too late to apologize. You’re dead, bitch. There’s no turning back now.” She smiled that same sadistic smile. “Wake up mother. You don’t want to miss this. Wake up.”

The knife came down one final time. It went through her mother’s hand, and Maddie shoved it further down, splitting her mother’s hand in half after her own hand went through the wound. The screams were satisfying. The agony was comforting. The knife stabbed deep into the mother’s throat, causing a massive blood spurt from her mouth.

One last tear came from her eye, a red one. It was a red tear, as Maddie continued to laugh. Her mother took her last breath, and died, still in shock of her daughter’s doing. It was a tear of blood.

Maddie stopped laughing. She smiled her sadistic smile, and wiped the knife off on her gray hoodie. She entered the bathroom, and taking the knife, jabbed it into her cheek. She slid it across her face, cutting a sadistic puppy smile into her face. Not like Jeff, no. Her own, basically a three on its side that she had just cut into her face. The pain was agonizing…

And somewhat comfortable. She laughed, a “v” cut off of her top lip, two curves out the side of her mouth, her face covered in blood. She picked up her eyeliner pencil. Cutting cat whiskers into her face just wouldn’t look that good to her.

She pocketed the knife, and left. They lived out in the country, which gave Maddie a pretty good advantage. She ran, laughing sadistically as usual. Her hoody was bloody; her skirt wet with blood. But it was fine. She didn’t care. She had plans. Great plans. Sadistic plans. Murderous plans. She had plans.

She had a surprise for a few friends of hers

The following is a headline from a recent newspaper:

Third Murder This Week

Police still on hunt, no evidence.

A third murder happened just this Tuesday, May 7, 2013. No one knows exactly who is responsible, however, police suspect 17 year old Maddie Jones of Roarksville (Originally Samuel Jones.) to have committed the murders, beginning with her mother, Dianne Jones, who was severely tortured by a flaying knife. The second victim, Jeremy Wilderson, was also connected to Maddie, and was murdered brutally in his bathtub, 3 of his fingers cut off of his hand, and shoved down his throat. The third victim, Emma Swanson, whose eyes were cut in half while still inside her head and then savagely pulled out, was known to bully the subject. The victim was somehow still alive during this process. Maddie has not been seen since the night before the first murder.

All three victims were brutally tortured before they were killed.

At the last two crime scenes, there was note. Both were handwritten, in blood. And both said the same thing:


Written by Senjumaru Shutara