Mike rode his crazy-ass motorcycle ta tha store dat a Asian muthafucka owned. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Dude crashed n' flew all up in tha window of tha store, n' pointed his wata glock ta tha Asian man.

Da Asian playa threw tha regista at Mikez grill n' holla'd:

"I swear dis happens every last muthafuckin week!"

Mike laughed n' blasted tha Asian playa up in tha face, grabbed tha regista n' ran up yo, but a cold-ass lil cop hoopty hit Mike n' launched Mike all tha way ta Fatalz house.

Mike fell tha fuck all up in Fatalz roof, n' Fatal whoz ass was straight-up bustin his homework (not) holla'd:

"Mike, wtf"

Mike gots up n' backflipped all up in tha window n' fell tha fuck up in a manhole.

Mike swam all up in tha sewers n' found a cold-ass lil crocodile. Da crocodile tried ta smoke Mike but Mike threw tha regista all up in tha crocodilez grill n' tha crocodile choked n' died. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Mike kept swimmin until he found a exit. Mike climbed up tha stairs n' opened tha manhole n' was almost decapitated by a truck.

Mike jumped up n' noticed da thug was up in a pimp hood n' tha truck was a pimp. From dat truck, pimps came up n' tried ta scare Mike yo, but Mike activated his jetpack boots n' flew outta tha pimp town.

Mike landed safely (not) up in a strip club where Mike saw your mother his fuckin lost sister.

Mike pointed his wild lil' finger ta his sista n' holla'd:

Mikez grill when da perved-out muthafucka saw his fuckin lost sister.

"Lost sister, leave dis wack place!"

"But, dis is mah house!"

Mike suddenly felt wack fo' her (not).

Yo, so Mike went outside, sticked his hand up a thugged-out dogz ass n' took up some TNT, so Mike blew up tha strip club n' his sista was aiiight (not).

Mike took off again n' again n' again wit his jetpack shoes, he kept tryin ta find his home yo, but hit a funky-ass building.

Da buildin fell tha fuck n' playas called Mike a terrorist n' started blastin at Mike.

A cap hit Mike n' Mike faceplanted on tha ground n' his sista came ta try ta save Mike yo, but dat shiznit was too late.

Mikez last lyrics were:

"Tell Fatal ta stop fappin n' do his wild lil' freakadelic goddamn homework. MWEH."

And da ruffneck died.

R.I.P Mike Wazowski. 666 - 2014.

This is part of the Mikez Retarded Dizzle Trilogy

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Written by Synthwave