Afta tha Moon crashed at Earth, humanitizzle was endangered. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! They declared war ta tha aliens yo, but was losin dat shit.

Mike, tha alien, was still refusin ta believe da thug was a alien, n' was lookin fo' a way ta become human n' aid em.

Mike slapped his sista up in tha grill n' flew off ta Ghetto ta find a way ta transform his dirty ass back ta human.

Mike landed up in tha middle of a cold-ass lil cross fire between aliens n' humans, so da ruffneck dodged tha bullets n' lasers yo, but tha humans saw dat Mike was a alien so they blasted at his ass like a muthafucka.

Mike dodged bullets like a Neo n' hid up in a house.

Mike, inside tha house, ran ta tha back door n' kicked it open n' saw suttin' bad.

Da aliens was rockin giant metal spidaz ta destroy whatever came up in front of em.

Mike flew ta one of tha giant metal spiders, n' hijacked dat shit.

Mike used tha spider ta blast all up in tha other spidaz n' they fell tha fuck n' blew up like a muthafucka.

Da humans saw Mike fightin against tha aliens n' hollared. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Mike used tha spider ta jump backwardz n' landed on top of tha aliens dat was comin' all up in tha humans.

Mike holla'd:

"Humans, you must help me git outta dis wack body n' become a human again!"

Da humans grabbed Mike n' threw his ass ta a laboratory. Mike fell tha fuck all up in tha roof n' saw doctors whoz ass grabbed Mike n' threw his ass tha fuck into a machine.

Da machine blew up like a muthafucka n' Mike came up as a human.

Mikez grill when da thug was a human.

Mike flew outta tha laboratory wit his jetpack boots without even sayin props n' landed on tha split half of tha Moon dat fell tha fuck on Fatalz house.

Mike pointed all up in tha aliens livin inside it n' holla'd:

"Aliens, leave our hood up in peace!"

"But you destroyed ours!"

Mike felt wack fo' dem (not) n' sticked his hand up a alien dogz ass n' pulled up a nuke.

Mike dolphin dived wit tha nuke under his ass as tha aliens screamed.

Da humans, whoz ass was evacuatin heard a big-ass explosion, they turned round ta peep a massive mushroom-like fireball.

Mike was kill.


Mike was launched tha fuck into orbit afta tha nuke blew up like a muthafucka yo, but Mike flew back ta Ghetto cuz dat schmoooove muthafucka had recently remembered dat he forgot tha oven on.

Mike arrived at Earth, dat now was a massive wasteland yo, but his fuckin lil' doggy den remained intact.

Mike kicked tha door open, turned off tha oven n' went ta chill on his sofa.

Da end.

This is part of the Mikez Retarded Dizzle Trilogy

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Written by Synthwave