Mike raised up in a hospitizzle. It aint nuthin but tha nick nack patty wack, I still gots tha bigger sack. Mike jumped outta his bed n' kicked tha door open n' ran away from tha evil doctors dat chased his ass down tha hallway.

Mike headbutted tha elevator button, n' tha doors opened. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! Mike rolled up in n' headbutted tha elevator again n' again n' again n' it went down.

Da elevator doors opened n' Mike rolled up n' saw suttin' horrible.

Evil zombies had taken over tha hospitizzle.

Mike noticed da perved-out muthafucka still had his jetpack boots, so he fell tha fuck like a tree on his wild lil' grill n' activated his boots, so Mike flew forwards, knockin zombies outta tha way n' launchin his dirty ass outta tha hospitizzle.

Mike saw as he flew dat tha evil zombies had taken over his hood.

Mike stopped n' kept floatin on tha air, pointed his wild lil' finger ta tha sky n' holla'd:

"I must find mah lost sister!"

Mike flew down ta tha ground n' landed safely (not) on tha roof of his house.

Mike jumped off tha roof n' faceplanted on tha ground below, n' then, kicked tha door open n' noticed his fuckin lil' dawg became a evil zombie dog.

Mike kicked tha dawg up in tha grill n' threw itz dead corpse at his thugged-out buggin hoodz doggy den n' ran in.

Mike went ta his bangin room n' threw his bed outta tha window n' picked up his weapon of mass destruction.

A teddy bear.

Mike activated his jetpack boots n' flew all up in his bangin roof, n' flew ta Fatalz house.

Mike crashed all up in Fatalz window n' holla'd:

"Fatal, I must find mah lost sister!"

And Fatal (who still aint done his homework) replied:

"Yo crazy-ass sista be a alien, so go search fo' her on tha Moon!"

Mike flew all up in Fatalz roof n' went straight ta tha Moon.

Mike landed terribly on tha Moon n' saw aliens dat started ta blast his ass wit laser guns.

Mike threw tha teddy bear all up in tha aliens n' tha teddy bear blew up like a muthafucka up in a massive firebizzle as Mike escaped it by hidin inside a hole.

Mike flew outta tha hole n' noticed tha Moon had split apart n' tha other half was goin ta collide wit Earth.

But Mike didn't care bout Ghetto so he left it ta do itz thang.

Mike flew inside tha hole dat tha Moon had afta bein split but dat shiznit was too dark, so Mike flew outside of tha Moon n' went back ta Earth, dat still wasn't hit by tha Moon n' shoved his hand up a zombie dogz ass n' found a gangbangin' flashlight, so Mike flew back ta tha Moon, passin by tha split part of tha Moon.

Mike turned on tha flashlight n' went inside again, n' eventually found his fuckin lost sister, dat now was a alien.

Mike holla'd:

"Sister, why did you become one of them?"

"Because I be a alien like you, Mike."

And then Mike was a alien.

Meanwhile at Earth, tha split Moon crashes wit a mad salty grill on Fatalz house, whoz ass still aint done his homework.

Mikez grill when da thug was a alien.

This is part of the Mikez Retarded Dizzle Trilogy

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Written by Synthwave