Hey people (or robots)! CrazyWords with my favorite podcast review! Here I’m reviewing Episode 3 of the Monstercat Podcast. I love doing this, and I hope you guys keep up (or I keep up to Monstercat :P)!

The Spotlight was Mr FijiWiji - Out on a Limb (feat. Jonny Rose)

The Monstercat Exclusive was Case & Point - All On Me (Gamble & Burke)

The Playlist

00:31 Pegboard Nerds ft. Splitbreed - We Are One (Original Vocal Mix)
03:30 Lets Be Friends - Manslaughter (VIP Mix)
06:42 Televisor - Old Skool (Aero Chord Remix)
09:44 Haywyre - The Schism
13:15 TwoThirds - Origami
17:46 Noisestorm - Surge (Drum & Bass Mix)
21:47 Day One - White City
25:57 Draper - Men and Machines (Radio Edit)
28:38 Protostar & MakO - No Fire
31:50 Rameses B - Transformations (feat. Laura Brehm)
36:04 Mr FijiWiji - Out on a Limb (feat. Jonny Rose) (Monstercat Spotlight)
39:25 Hot Date & Insan3Lik3 - Clocks (feat. Chrisson)
42:55 Case & Point - All On Me (Gamble & Burke) (Monstercat Exclusive)
45:50 Stereotronique - Quake
49:49 Eminence - Halo
54:17 Teqq - The Road Ahead


This one was different from the other two purely because each one contained vocals in some way, shape, or form. Whether it was someone with a lot of voice modifiers going “Yakaty Yakaty (Lets Be Friends - Manslaughter (VIP Mix))” or just flat-out good vocals, they all had them. It was definitely a creative twist for the Monstercat Podcast.

Top Three (Chosen by G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY/Simba)

3. Rameses B - Transformations (feat. Laura Brehm)

You ever go into a track with such low expectations but you are blown away with how well-made a song is? This is the case for "Transformations". Its rapid drum beat and dubstep breakdown accompanying Laura Brehm's powerful vocals make a track that deserves the #3 spot on my top 3.

2. Pegboard Nerds feat. SPLITBREED - We Are One

I know I don't listen to a lot of glitch hop, but there was no way I could pass up this one (Well that and it's the first song on this podcast). As for SPLITBREED's rapping, I didn't really care that much for them but they can be nice to listen to if you're in the right mood. Energetic track with some adrenaline-powered rapping from SPLITBREED? What more do you need, really?

1. Noisestorm - Surge (Drum and Bass Mix)

After listening to the original "Surge", the drum and bass mix sounds completely different that its electro counterpart in many ways. For starts, the drops on both tracks are different in terms that the DnB mix's drop is danceable and one to get your blood pumping while the original's drop can be considered one that tries to distance itself from the rest of the song. Because of how amazing the song sounds, "Surge (Drum and Bass Mix)" gets my #1 pick for this podcast.

Did you guys enjoy that? If so, please leave a comment below sharing your thoughts, or if you want more collabs!

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Reviewed by CrazyWords