Author's note: I will continue to add to my story of Disney. Also, any personal info has been censored for privacy. The only information revealed was revealed with permission.

Questions, and Answers (Intro)

Why did I take the job?
Because I needed money.

Why did you get into that suit?
That was my job.

Why did you investigate, don't you know that curiosity killed the cat?
Yes, but it also saved a cat numerous times.

What was it?

I ran through these questions in my head, thinking "Where did I go wrong?"

I know I wouldn't get an answer, but I still wanted to think I would.

Where do I start?

No, that's not the question.

Where do I begin?

No, you don't want to tell this tale.
My mind tells me. This time, I will have the answer.
Yes, I do, now that I have a reason.

A Job (Chapter One)

12:38 PM. Closed Date.


Willing to do anything, would prefer pay of $10 per hour, or higher. Willing to do manual labor. Suffers no allergies, and willing to work with children. Can be part-time, or full. If interested, please call 1-***-***-****.

Brown eyes looked over the poster, with browner hair in tow. I looked over my work, satisfyingly, hoping something would respond. I was most definitely in need of money, I was a month behind in rent, and needed to pay up. The landlord was most definitely angry... So I didn't want anything to do with him.

I grabbed my bike, and peddled home.

I got into the loop after a few days, forgetting about the flyers I put up. I went to bars, clubs, anywhere where I could mingle. I was trying to re-contact humanity. It never went well.


I went home high, needing a taxi to drive me everywhere. At home I threw up, and started to sleep. Again. The same thing over and over, the same constant, never breaking current I was thrown into.

Until my parents stopped lending me money. So I made that poster. Lucky or not, I needed a job. Or win the lottery... I hope for the latter.


My shitty abode.

Whatever I feel like calling it at the time, it doesn't change that I live in a crappy apartment on the... Shady side of town. So when I got there, I just turned on my parent's old TV, and prayed for a response.

I started to count things in my head, bored out of my mind. I feel like taking a nap.

Things I Need to Do
1. Get a job
2. Get a better apartment
3. Stop getting high
4. Get a gi\___

I had fallen asleep.

3:45 PM. Closed Date.

I gently opened my eyes, and searched for the phone in my dazed state. I found it, and looked at messages.

There was only one.

And the caller ID was "Disney".

Written by CrazyWords