Hey, this is a collection of stories written by me, CrazyWords.

Little Dead Hood

"Skipping to my Grandma's house, my Grandma's house, my Grandma's house! Skipping to my Grandma's, my Grandma's house I go!"

Red's angel-like voice rang through the woods, her small body skipping on the path, and her red hood billowing behind her. The sun shining through the leaves, casting an angelic style light over her face.

Red was beautiful in the purest way. Her cheeks rosy, lips full and red, her skin without imperfections. Her neat black hair tucked into her hood.

The scene was pretty enough to paint.

However, her beauty would sometimes attract unwanted attention.

Wolf had been stalking her for quite sometime. His gray fur matted back and full of mange, his claws extremely overgrown. His ribs are showing through his fur. It was obvious he was hungry.

He stalked Red with a passion, following her this way that, trying to memorize her routes. Trying to know where she was going and why, and where she was on all occasions. He was desperate to eat. Now he was just waiting for a time where he could strike.

Of course, she had no idea of this.

So she kept going on, skipping with complete ignorance towards any danger. Her eyes closed, opened only on rare occasions, when she wanted to have different daydream. She never noticed Wolf, slowly following her throughout her journey.

She did notice the temperature dropping, and looked up at the sun. She noticed how it had hid behind a cloud, so she tucked her hood in closer, and continued to skip. She didn't care about the cold, she just wanted to see her Grandmother.

Grandma was suffering from Alzheimer's, so she was starting to lose her memory. Red was very close to her Grandmother. In fact, she was the one supporting her. Her parents gave up trying to help her when they heard about the Alzheimer's, so they left Red to do everything. Doing the noble thing, she took the challenge.

She tucked her hood in even closer, feeling the air grow heavy, but didn't think anything of it until she opened her eyes. She looked around, and started to see the fog appearing.

She closed her eyes, assuming she knew the path, and continued to skip.

So she didn't notice how foggy it was getting.

Or how she had wandered off the path.

Not even how Wolf was growing ever closer.

She had finally opened her eyes, and realized she was hopelessly lost. The fog blocking the way back to the path, and still the clouds hid the sun. She looked around, and only saw the heavy gray blanket over the forest.

She was getting very scared. Mom always told her to never wander in the forest, because you never know what lies in there. Yet all she could see was the foggy forest. The trees ominously growing upwards, with very little light. The fog started to feel suffocating. Red already started to breathe very hard, worrying if she was going to be lost, forever.


She called, hoping, praying for a response.

"Grandma? Please help!"

She called again. She continued to call, trying to find her way through the woods. To Grandma's house.

She didn't know that the Wolf had gone off the path, too. Still trying to find her, he was able to follow the calls.

"Grandma? Are you there? Anyone!?"

She didn't know that Wolf was coming closer.

She didn't know because her calls were covering the sound of footsteps.

She didn't see because the fog covered Wolf's maw, taking a bite out of her perfect head.

Kali Yuga

"In Hinduism, Kali is the reigning lord of Kali Yuga, and archenemy of Kalki, the 10th and final avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu. In Kali Yuga, there is one quarter virtue and three quarter sin. The average human lifespan will be one-hundred years. It is the final stage of the Yuga cycle that the world goes through."


I snuffed out the cigarette, and quickly lit another one. Fifth one today. I giggled to myself, thinking how I was going to have cancer, and how it didn't matter. Why would it? It was almost the end of "Kali Yuga". The last cycle. If you haven't heard that, then you were already dead. Most the people I was hired to protect are dead, and I was here in a bomb shelter, smoking my fifth cigarette.

"My men, what the hell are we going to do?"

The room, once silent with thought, quickly erupted with sound. The sound of chaos, uncertainty, and insanity. It sounded like a bomb erupted in the bomb shelter. Huh. Irony is there even when the world's ending. I looked down, and saw my name tag. "General Hughes". Then I'll be a general.

"Shut up!" I roared. The room died down "Let's think. Kali is coming, and if we sit here chattering, he is going to come kill us all."

The room erupted into sound once more. Were they ever going to stop? We need to get something done! What that something is, I don't exactly know. We still need to do something.

"Hey!" I shouted even louder. The room died down once again. "What in the world are we going to do?"

"Fight!" A strong voice shouted.

The room yelled in agreement. I guess some of that 'army instinct' was still there. I smiled gently. Wondering what thirty-seven men would do to a demon in the height of its power.

The room was soon filled with the clatter of people tearing down beds, breaking open survival crates, searching for weapons when there was none. Some took up metal rods, torn from the frames of beds, others found fire hydrants and pocket knives. As if that could do anything.

"Men!" They couldn't hear me.

"Men!" They still couldn't hear me.

"Men!". They stopped, and listened. "What are you thinking! We are facing a demon! Not a deer. What do you think those will do to it? Give it a scratch? We need to stay."

"No!" The lieutenant stepped forward. "We will fight."

"Fine! Carry out your own death wish."

If they wanted to die, that was there problem.

"Here!" I ripped off the small 'General' tag. "Take this too."

He picked it up, and left. I snuffed out my current cigarette, and got started on my sixth. I listened to the sound of around ten men climbing up a latter. I started waiting for them to come down.

Clatter,clack, bang.

That's the sound of people coming down a latter. Anyone who stayed in the bunker rushed to the ladder. I slowly walked to the ladder, ready to welcome them back. I heard their feet hit the concrete floor.

I saw only two come down. They ran from the ladder, then I heard a roar.

The roar shook anything on the ground. The two people that came down were making some kind of noise, which sounded like a mix of screaming, crying, and psychotic mumbling.

Something was definitely trying to come down to the shelter.

"You two, stay with them." I pointed to two of the people that stayed. "You!" Switching my attention to a different solider. "You and I are going to see what happened."

We quickly started to the ladder, knowing we had no weapons. We just wanted to look. I felt each cold steel rung on my hands.

I looked up, and saw a colleague's head look down.

Then it fell down.

I watched as the light became closer and closer. I peaked my head through the top.

There was blood everywhere. Mutilated corpses of innocents, colleagues, and even friends. Some were chopped into pieces, others decapitated, some just torn up.

How can this happen?

I looked at the culprit.

A green skinned, heavily muscled demon. Only wearing red shorts, but having a sword fit for the giant it was. It was rampaging around, looking for it's next victim.

I think I've gone mad.

I screamed, got out of the hole, and ran full force at the demon. Kali turned to face me, roaring the same roar we heard earlier. It raised it's sword...

And cut me in half.


August Fifth, 2012 8:31 AM

I'm so ready for today. Dad says he'll finally take me to the temple of Dharma. He says Dharma is the thing that makes us do our duties. That he represent the things that make life possible, but what I'm excited about is that Mom will be there. It's been... a long time. Like I-haven't-seen-her-since-I-was-three long time.

My parents split when I was young. I don't feel like explaining it right now, and my Dad is yelling that we have to get going.

Murie signing out.

9:17 PM

Today was much... different than I expected. Mom showed up, like Dad said she would. I don't know if that was the temple of Dharma, like he said. They sacrificed her. I don't understand why. Dad said it was to keep Dharma there- I mean here.

Mom was there, but we didn't... couldn't talk. I barely recognized her. I sat in the back, so I could barely even see her. The only time I saw her was when she was thrown into the "sacrificial pit", or, as I see it, the hell hole. I... couldn't even cry. I never really knew my Mother anyway.

Murie signing out.

August Sixth, 2012 12:43 PM

I'm writing this during lunch at school. Something about yesterday keeps bothering me. Oh, I know what. I WATCHED someone die. If all things are connected then why do we sacrifice people! Or anything alive for that matter! I wouldn't give a crap if we were sacrificing rocks, but people! What did I sign up for?!

Dad says there's another one tonight. I think I'm gonna take that I'm sick. I can't watch another person die. Or else I'm going to actually going to be sick.

Murie signing out.


I think Dad read my journal! When I got home from school, I put the journal under my pillow, and went to the bathroom. When I got back, it was on my nightstand. I'm afraid what he's going to do. He is very serious about his faith, and Dharma. I'm really scared.

Murie signing out.

August Twelfth 2012 8:23 AM

He told me what the punishment was. He's too serious about D-D-Dharma. He's gonna be coming to get me. God

please help me. I'm going to HELL!

The Blue-Faced Baby

Creepypasta "The Blue Faced Baby" by CrazyWords

Creepypasta "The Blue Faced Baby" by CrazyWords

I got angry at the baby, and at my ears.

I really didn't mean it.

I was just really annoyed, I didn't wanna hear.

Ok, I was annoyed.

He wouldn't shut up, my dear.

I gave him a toy.

But I can still hear.

So I slowly got more mad.

Until I couldn't bear to hear.

I just sat there,

and covered my ears.

Just waiting,

As my madness went up a tier,

Just waiting,

Wanting to disappear,

I wanted to control,

I wanted him here.

So I picked him up,

And called him dear,

I took him to the bathroom.

I filled up the tub, oh, my ears!

And stuck his face in it.

The bubbles stopped, now I couldn't hear.

I put him in his cradle.

Like a master puppeteer.

Mom found him,

He'd been in a case for one year.

I don't feel bad,

I don't feel endeared,

I don't feel sad,

I don't miss my dear.

He's now a blue-faced baby,

I liked making him blue, like a drowned buccaneer.

You're Paranoid

You slowly open the door to your bedroom, looking around to assure that you're safe. I slowly follow you out, matching your pace perfectly so you can't hear me. You creep out into the hallway, tip-toeing, trying not to make a sound. Trying not to be noticed. I slowly start to reach out, getting ready to grab you.


You freeze and look around, paranoid. Was that you? Or was it me?

You continue to creep along, until you reach the bathroom. You stay in there for a little, until you're done. I bang on the door, dying for you to let me in, but I make no noise. You slowly open the door, and look both ways, like you are crossing the street.

I quickly slide in, so I can hide behind you. So you can't see me when I will attack.

You hurry back to your room, too fast for me to grab you. You're starting to feel safe, and close the door. I slide under the door, trying to grab you again. You quickly hop under your covers, and go to sleep.

Then I step out of the darkness.

I still play with you to this day. I still cause your never-ending paranoia in the dark. I've been here so long, you even gave me a nickname.

You named me "Your Shadow".

Bon Bon

Bon Bon

"The letter was found the next I tell you! The next f***ing day! You can’t tell me that’s too old for this case!” I covered my ears. Daddy was yelling at his lawyer friend again. I don’t know what letter he was talking about, but I wanted to help.

Daddy says if I help, then he’ll take me out to get ice cream! So for a couple days, when I get home from the bus, I’ll check the mail. If there was letters in there, then I would take each of them to my Daddy, and have him look at them. After about two days, he said I had found it.

I want my Mommy. I want her even more then I want ice cream. Daddy says, “Mommy’s not coming back.”

“Ok...” His face gets a little sadder when hears that. I still want my ice cream. I think I’ll get peppermint flavored.

Daddy was yelling again, but all I did was ask for ice cream. I wanna know when I get my ice cream. Now I want it superman flavored. I ran up to my room and shut the door, like I saw Mommy do. I didn’t see what happened next, because Dad told me to clean my room, and that if I didn’t, he wouldn’t give me my allowance.

I’m in my room, I’ve been in here for a while. I’m just laying on the floor, by my teddy bear. Daddy still isn’t coming. I can hear him shouting at his lawyer friend again, about the letter I found.

I’m scared. I hear him saying, “Fine! I’ll read the letter!” Then his voice became quieter and softer. I even started falling asleep. I was awoken by a sharp BANG!

I got off the floor, ran downstairs; and saw my Daddy, on the ground. He had a little hole in his head.

Mommy was standing over him.

"Mommy!" I ran over and hugged her, but then a question arose in my mind. "Mommy, what did you do to Daddy?"

She got down on her knees.

"I just collected his life insurance."


Bon Bon ~ By CrazyWords ~ Sir Ayme

Bon Bon ~ By CrazyWords ~ Sir Ayme

Written by CrazyWords