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"Hatred" logo.

Hatred is an upcoming isometric shooter being developed by Destructive Creations and scheduled for a release in 2015 for PC. The story is about an edgy neckbeard a sociopath who has misanthropy and is about to go on a "genocide crusade" to kill all humans that cross his path. The gameplay is pretty much that. Go out and kill your neighbors and the police because screw humans. You can execute these people or even use them as human shields.

The game also shows some destructive scenario and even nice physics on its trailers.

My Early Opinion

As soon as I saw the gameplay on the first trailer (after the super edgy "my name is not important" monologue, that I couldn't believe that was supposed to be serious), my mind instantly screamed "THIS IS POSTAL! THE FIRST GAME! IT'S POSTAAAAAAAAAAL!! And maybe I should go get a job."

And that is correct. Here is some Postal gameplay. Here is the Hatred gameplay trailer, including the edgy monologue (also, look at the description, it mentions the first Postal).

Postal, for those who never played, is an isometric shooter where you play as a mentally deranged protagonist who thinks that Earth has been taken over by some great evil and that he was the one responsible from saving it from this evil, by committing a mass shooting in his state. You kill everyone on the map to progress.

The difference between Postal and Hatred, is that, in Postal, we DO play as a complete insane psychopath. You see, between each level in Postal, we get to read a sentence from the protagonist's journal, and the stuff he writes, along with the disturbing art on the background, is bone chilling.

The soundtrack also goes straight to the uncanny valley of gaming soundtrack.

Now, Hatred. We play as a protagonist who wants to kill all humans because he hates humanity. That's all.

While Hatred has better graphics, probably better gameplay, physics and destruction, it still lacks something that Postal did. It lacks the ability to make the player disturbed. Playing as a protagonist who hates humanity just makes you feel like you're playing someone who got dumped by their girlfriend and just had a tantrum. Postal, due to the loading screens, art and soundtrack, made the game feel like you're actually playing as an insane killer. That game, even though it's not an Outlast kind of horror game, still makes the player feel disturbed by what he's seeing.

However, since not many people remember the first Postal, Hatred is currently being the most disturbing game of all time. People who think Hatred is disturbing as hell never played or even watched a video of the first Postal, the two Manhunts or that disgusting RapeLay game.

Hatred, so far, in my opinion, is a game that looks kinda fun when you play it for the first time, but after 30 minutes, gets boring and just becomes a game to waste all of your frustration on by murdering innocent A.I with an edgy protagonist.

I will find kinda funny if you're not able to kill animals in the game because they're not "human worms" and therefore you must run away from angry German shepherds trying to bite off your buttcheeks while you kill everyone.

Opinion by Synthwave