Warning... there will be language.

—JonTron explaining my reaction to this film

Unfriended, or Cybernatural (original film title), was a horror film made in 2014. It was screened at Fantasia Festival under its original title in 2014 and at South by Southwest (SXSW) under its new title in 2015, but it will be released in theatres under its new title on 17 April 2015.

Plot (Going Lazy)

Some personal footage of a girl went viral, so she decides to kill herself. A year later, I suppose her friends or posters go on a Skype call and they find that her ghost still lives to haunt the shit out of them.

Early Review

Alright. Judging from the trailer, it'll be like every single horror movie from 2008. Basically Paranormal Activity. It'll be like "BOO. I'M A SP00KY GHOST, MOTHERFUCKER. CALL YOUR LOCAL PRIEST!" It gets old and rather annoying. Why, anything that involves the paranormal can be easily predicted. It's been like that since Day 1 when Paranormal Activity came out. So what makes this film any special? Just because it has technology involved doesn't eliminate the fact that this is a ripoff.

I also like how it's encouraged to revolutionize horror films. It... actually said that on the ad for this movie. "It's a horror film that would revolutionize the horror film genre," or something like that. It made me cry. Not by tears of sadness but by tears of laughter. That makes this film even more bad if it's going to aim that high.

Overall, this film is going to be another one of those cliché horror films.

Opinion by Fatal Disease