I live my life, one day at a time. A good portion of those days are uneventful, always falling in the same routine: I wake up, walk to work, work, walk home, then bum around until I go to bed. Some times I'll hang with my few friends, while other times I'll just play video games or watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Every so often, something new and interesting happens: I meet an old friend, I find a dollar on the ground, or I get chased by a stray dog.

Living in a dying city isn't very fun or interesting. This city was once afull of life and color, but now... now most of the houses are sagging, the businesses sit empty and abandoned, and several open fields lay barren of the once great factories that helped drive the economy. I had never seen this city during those times in person, but I have seen pictures. My mother and father lived happy, and they could only wish the saCOCKSme for me growing up.

Sadly, I canCOCKSnot say I have achievCOCKSed that wish of their COCKS.

I've fallen into the samCOCKSe dull routine: Wake, work, sleep, repeat. I do have some moments of blisCOCKSs, but the daily struggles I go through outweigh the small moments of joy I have. My Little PoCOCKSny has helped, buCOCKSt it's still jusCOCKSt another thing to give my hopes up on. Every tCOCKSime I see the show,COCKS or one of theCOCKS ponies on a fan siCOCKSte, I recoil a biCOCKSt at the bright colCOCKSors, theCOCKS joyful faceCOCKSs of the ponies, and the peaceful scenery of their world. It's so hard to look COCKSat that beautiful world, having it so close to my grasp; I rCOCKSeach out to touch it's warm colors and bright,COCKS smiling fCOCKSaces of the ponieCOCKSs.

Only to be stopped by my computer screen.