This review is about the song called "Oh My Dayum".


First off, the song is based off of the review of Five Guys' double cheese bacon burger and its fries by a YouTuber known as Daym Drops. It was then made into a 10 hour loop by a different YouTUber who made it just for our entertainment. Here is the original review so that you can have your giggle.

Personal Thoughts

All I can say is that this remix is actually catchy. Once you start listening to it you can't really click the "X" that closes your browser after you start. It's that catchy. Whoever did this remix did it wonderfully. When Daym says "DAYUM", it's just the best part and you wish that there's more of it.

That's pretty much it. I really have no words to describe this song, but I hope you can smell what I'm smelling when I'm listening to this song.

Reviewed by Fatal Disease