Rapey the Grape

The grape is roaring.

Fatal Disease (born 1997 in the state of Michigan) is an American Wikia user who first joined in November 2012. He likes music and video games.


When Fatal first joined, he joined the Trollpasta Wikia. He made hilarious NSFW pastas, such as Unitato and Shrek is Love. Shrek is Love was a huge, massive success. After that, he started chatting on the chat feature on Trollpasta. He met Godzillafan1 and Someguy123, and became their friends. Fatal later became admin, then became admin on Creepypasta and Spinpasta Wiki. However, he was demoted from one of the wikis, and the group chat laughed at him. This made Fatal become suicidal and depressed. He took his rage out on his family, and developed social anxiety disorder. He was insecure about his penis after an embarrassing incident that happened at a baseball game.

"The first time I showed unhappiness and this meanness was when my mother tried hide my boner that I had at the baseball game, and I had shown signs of restraint because I didn't want to be mothered." -- Fatal Disease

His mother then saw his penis, and he got a panic attack.

"After she saw my dick, I began to have more panic attacks and I had died a little that day." -- Fatal Disease

Fatal told the group chat about the penial incident that happened. He was harassed and made fun of because of it.

"One message, which a user had said that everyone talked behind my back, and made fun of my dick, which made me cry." -- Fatal Disease

Fatal then decided it was time to end it all. He couldn't take the abuse from the people on the internet anymore. He got demoted, and they laughed at him and his penis. Fatal took matters into his own hands, and made his penis bleed by sink plug.

"After all the harassment, I had attempted to make my dick bleed twice by sink plug." -- Fatal Disease

After that, Fatal developed erectile dysfunction disorder. He couldn't stay stiff, even when looking at naked women. He compared it to having an STD.

"There were times that it stayed stiff, but the whole thing is like an STD to me. It goes away for a few days, but it stays for good." -- Fatal Disease

After that, he then decided to have surgery on his penis.

"Will this surgery cure my pain? I have high hopes, but I do know that it'll relieve all of the stress that I had suddenly got from her. See you all when I get un-cockblocked!"

After he got out of surgery, he decided to create Starpolar Wiki, a place to create stories and reviews. He showed the Skype group chat the wiki, and they all moved in. This was a bad move, as the chat was filled with drama. Trollpasta caught wind of it, and decided to troll the chat. There were drama whores and trolls infesting the chat. So, it was decided it would be best to close the chat. Then the wiki died. A year later, it was revived as the Bananapolar Wiki. Fatal approves of the new direction.

He created Rapey the Grape (a grape that rapes) along with SOMEGUY123 in the year of 2013.


Fatal likes music, video games, and ass.

My Thoughts

Fatal has been a good friend to be ever since 2013. We have a gay old time every time we talk. I give him a 9/10, because no one is perfect.


  • He likes Super Mario.
  • He has had sex more than once.
  • He is not a virgin.
  • He knows what sex feels like.
  • He made Shrek is Love.