Mike matei

Mike Hawk is big on the internet.

Hello internet, welcome back to my review show! This review is the start of Season 2. If this gets 10 likes, I'll make a Season 3, and might even start a Patreon...

The Review


Mike staring at walid

Mike observing an unusual glass.

Mike Matei is a notable video game player on the internet. Not much is known about him, but he works with internet celebrity and father James the Nintendo Nerd. He used to make a web comic for the local newspaper called "The Great Bandito". The comics explored Mexican culture, and it made fun of racists who hate Mexicans. The Great Bandito was discontinued after Mike Matei starting working for mike.

In recent years, Mike has become famous for the size of his meat stick. He posted an image of it to Twitter, but it was quickly deleted by Mike's friend, Bootsy. Mike stopped being friends with him after the incident.

In October 2016, Mike uploaded a "cringy" compilation video of him reacting angrily towards videos. Some quotes from the video include, "Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb.", "Ah! Fuckin' burgers!", and "GRRRRRRRRR". The video was seen negatively by internet goers, with many calling the reactions "fake". It received over 1,165 dislikes, and countless videos were made mocking the video, such as the one below.

Angry Video Game Mike (ft

Angry Video Game Mike (ft. BaldarMatt)

The Actual Review

Alright, here it is. The actual review. Please turn off ad-block to view the full review.

Mike Matei is a good person. He makes funny and interesting content, ranging from comics to videos. He has received a fair amount of unnecessary hate for little to know reason. Sure, he made a cringe video. But we've all made videos that are #cringe. Mike's unusually elongated penial area has also received flack, which is ridiculous. He can't control how long his body parts grow, so leave the poor dude alone! He doesn't have a job. Making content on the internet is all he's got. And you want to sit there and mock him for the way a part of his body looks? Disgusting. There's even a hate subreddit forum dedicated to hating him. I really wish I didn't have to live in this cruel world. Hatred needs to be eradicated from this planet. And if you sit there and worry, an hate this grown ass man WHO YOU'VE NEVER MEANT BEFORE, you need to get up off your ass and do something productive with your life. It's time to stop!

Anyway, that's my review. I give Mike's Hawk a 7/10.