"I failed you… I failed you as a father… I wish I would have been better… I should have never showed you the internet! … Look what it made you!" -- Celtic's father before his son set the house on fire.
A Day in Life With Celtic

A day in life with Celtic.

ThatCelticFurry (also known as Ayi'abhoik, Panda Express, Wolf God of Insanity, Vampire From Nazareth, Asdfpotato, Wolfbear, Celticbear, Tetra Hydro Cannabear, TetraHydroCannabearinol, The Great Cool Dude Papyrus, and Death Metal Skeleton) is an America furry weaboo brony tree huger Wikia user. He spends his past time masturbating to my little pony... and nukes. He also likes nukes. And weed. Also nukes.


Celtic was well liked, until the 9nth of May 2015. His best friend, Kerbin, told him nicely to stop talking about his sexual fetishes so openly. He snapped when Celtic suggested that Trollpasta Wikia make clop emojis. Celtic was banned for it. So he went to his Tumblr blog, in which he ranted about it. Trollpasta users went to it, and left him messages asking him to calm down. He didn't. Later, his ban expired, and so he rejoined the group chat. He was subjected to harassment from the group chat for several months. This made Celtic pretty much go insane. He began smoking weed to calm his nerves and stress. However, it was too late. Stress turned into anger, and anger turned into rage; Celtic wanted to nuke something. He told the group chat about nukes. So much so, it was pretty much the only thing he would post about. A few months earlier he came under fire for being fan of a cartoon called Kill La Kill, which is a show about nudity.

The next year, Celtic was still seen as a target for bullying and harassment. It was pretty clear at this point that nobody liked him. Within a week, he was gone. Just like that. Poof. A few days before his disappearance, he was talking about playing with fire in his garage. Days later, a fire was reported in his area. The chat was shocked that he would do such a thing. There was actually way more to the story than meets the eye.

Celtic's father found his weed stache and nuke codes. He took them, and locked it into a safe. For months, Celtic tried to break into the safe. But It just wouldn't work. On top of the stress of not having any weed to smoke, and getting bullied by the group chat, Celtic was just about to lose his mind. He then started playing with fire. He even gave the chat hints about it. He then decided, one night, he would steal his dad's gun to threaten him for the safe code. And so, he did. He shot his father, then burned down the house as to not leave any evidence behind. He went missing for a few days, until returning back home with his mom. His dad survived the shot.

Personality Disorder, Autistic Traits, Sexuality, and Gender Identity

Celtic changed his Wikia username several times in a very short time frame, a very common trait among those suffering from personality disorder. He also has bizarre interests and hobbies, such as masturbating to My Little Pony (a show meant for little girls), and dressing up as an anthropomorphic animal. All these traits are common with people who are on the autism spectrum. It is unknown if he is heterosexual, as he reblogged an image on his Tumblr a few years ago depicting an anime girl getting attacked by multiple penises. This could mean he is homosexual, as people of homosexual descent are attracted to male genitalia. However, the image contained a girl, so it could also mean he is bisexual. Celtic identifies as a Male, the first of the official 30 genders.

Personal life

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Sg and celtic - 1

SOMEGUY123 filing for divorce.

Sg and celtic - 2

Celtic's reaction to the divorce.

Celtic is known for ending relationships pretty quickly, due to his questionable behavior.

  • Kerbin: Originally his friend, Kerbin was there for Celtic when needed. However, Kerbin disagreed with Celtic's stance on masturbation, saying his yiff/clop fetish was disgusting. Celtic then started proving him, which ended up getting Celtic banned. After the ban, Celtic started calling him a "bitch" (Kerbitch to be exact).
  • Animefan9999: Celtic hated his guts, but now he loves him.
  • SOMEGUY123: Celtic's relationship with SG is comparable to that of a married couple with relationship issues. Celtic has messed-up many times -- starting drama, and being annoying. SG hates his guts, but at the same time has undying love for him. However, one day, SG told his penis to calm down, and to bite the bullet. And so he filed for divorce in February 2017. Celtic was not happy about this. They are currently in another relationship, but are not married.
  • GodzillaFan1 - Celtic does not like this person very much. During the Kerbin drama, Celtic called him a bunch of names, and accused him of being a corrupt administrator for not unblocking him. Celtic also recently accused him of being stupid for exposing the truth about his house being burnt down.
  • SARDONYXXX - Celtic really, really doesn't like this person.
  • 2xninto - They're both autistic, so it's a match made in heaven. They sucked each other for a while. Which is odd, because Celtic is openly against people with a dark brown skin tone.
  • Sinon the Cuck Sock - They circlejerk'd each other to death on a discord server. However, it was interrupted by dog porn, so Celtic had to move out.


Celtic is well known for his libertarian politics. He called out the main stream media, such as CNN before it was cool. He also does not like Family Guy, in which he thinks it is liberal propaganda. He has also gone on record multiple times announcing his distaste for liberals. In 2016, Celtic officially endorsed Donald J. Trump for president. Despite having pretty conservative policies, he wants weed legalized. He is also 50% homosexual, so he more than likely supports gay marriage. However, he does not like brown skinned people, and often uses racial slurs against them. He has yet been called a white supremacist. Celtic is also not a fan of the FBI for some reason.

The Review

He's okay.