As I promised on my Postal review, I will also review the sequel. Here it is.

Postal 2.
Postal 2 cover

Postal 2 is a game developed by Running With Scissors, released on 13 April 2003 exclusively for PC, Linux and Mac.


You take the role of Postal Dude. No, not the same Postal Dude from the original game. In this one, you take the role of a husband living in a trailer with his bitchy wife (who is literally called "The Bitch", by the way) who wants him to do some daily errands. You incarnate in Postal Dude and you are given the objective to complete these errands. That's it.

As you can see, the story is WAY different from the first one. Postal 2 tried to completely restart the series, and this time, not being a spree killer simulator like the original. This game is pretty much a satire and pokes a lot of fun at America. 

The voice acting in the game is good. Not only Rick Hunter is still the voice of the Postal Dude, but the pedestrians also received good voice actors.



Postal 2 is a game about doing errands. But you choose how they're going to be made. Will you be a normal civillian and do them without harming anyone, or will you be a reincarnation of Postal 1's Postal Dude and massacre everyone on your way to the convenience store, for example? Postal 2 is a really good game for those who are looking for games that have more than one way to beat it. You can do a pacifist run in this game and finish it without actually murdering anyone!

But, if that's not what you're looking for, then fine. You have a big variety of weapons to pick. From a shovel to a napalm launcher! And you can also piss on people.

Yes. Postal 2 is still the first and only FPS known to mankind where you can urinate anywhere and on anyone.

You have a pretty big map, set in the town of Paradise. New bits of the map unlock as you progress through the week. From the in-game map, the town seems a bit small, but trust me, it isn't. There are many secret areas in this game (one right at the beginning, behind the Dude's trailer, that will take you to a hidden terrorist underground base) and many interiors for the player to explore. 


Postal Dude can walk, run, crouch, shoot, throw grenades, throw molotovs, throw scissors, pour gasoline on the ground and throw a match on it, urinate in people's mouths, kick and commit suicide if you press K on your keyboard.

Oh, and stick guns in cats' anuses and use said cats as silencers.

Be afraid, Simba.



They're not realistic, but let's take in mind that this game is from 2003 and RWS wasn't so big at that time. Ragdolls in this game are weird as hell and make sure to end in the weirdest poses ever. Hell, some even die looking like they were trying to do a powerslide on their knees.


This game has your standard FPS weapons, but it also has a decapitated diseased cow head that you can lob at people and make them puke blood once infected by it and scissors. The original game had a lot of guns. The complete version (which you can buy on Steam) has a few more, for example, an aerosol flamethrower.


Civilian A.I will run (or pull out guns, since some are armed CUZ 'MURICA) and cops or any other armed folk will shoot at you. They don't take cover and just stay there getting damaged until they die. Some, once injured enough, will drop their weapons and flee.

It's pretty neat, though, how flaming pedestrians try to run towards you to set you on fire. Oh, also, if you get lit on fire, unzip your pants (in the game, obviously) and piss up. It'll put the fire out.


It's a game from 2003, so don't expect much, but, models for the pedestrians are modeled quite nicely.


The game's soundtrack is mostly rock. Some are played in ambiance noises (like the club one) but the rock music that's in the middle of all of it, I have no idea.

Still good soundtrack, though. Pretty memorable.


Postal 2 was banned in a lot of countries do to it's violence. A good example is New Zealand that banned the game for its violence, animal cruelty and a scene where the Dude pisses on dead terrorists in a terrorist camp (which is something completely optional in the game and not a scene at all), oh, and fun fact, you can be arrested in New Zealand for trying to sell a copy of this game.

Postal2 02

Critics also shat on the game for the fact that the violence and sexuality in the game is used so much that its tasteless and senseless. The game also received shit for the fact that, even though you don't need to, you're encouraged to kill others in order to survive (but they apparently forgot that you DON'T NEED TO). Also, drug abuse and etc.


Postal 2 is a classic. It's like a South Park FPS, but without South Park and more Paradise. The game is filled with dark humor (which I love) and insane things that you definitely have never seen in any other FPS. For example, Al-Qaeda women that go "ALALALALALALALALA" once they see you and try to kill you.

The game has a few glitches, but they're mostly related to the physics engine. In my playthrough, I have never experienced a game-breaking bug (note that the game may crash sometimes, but that's when you're probably causing too much havoc for your PC to handle).

Postal 2 gets a 7/10.

Reviewed by Synthwave