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By: WatermelonSunshine

The Song

"Take Me Home" is a song by Cash Cash off their Overtime EP. It was released as a single on 13 July 2013. It features vocals by Bebe Rexha. It is an EDM song that failed to hit number 1 on the Billboard charts (#57 in the U.S.).

Take Me Home ft

Take Me Home ft. Bebe Rexha (HD Lyrics)

My Review

"Take Me Home" is very upbeat and interesting! The lyrics kinda remind me of Shopkins (the latest collectible toy trend of little figurines of supermarket items, but with cute faces) with the whole "take me home" motif. I'm not really a big fan of EDM, but I really like Bebe Rexha's voice.

I think this song is great to dance to and it is really catchy as well! I also love how it isn't overplayed on the radio like some songs.

This is the first Cash Cash/Bebe Rexha song I have ever heard. I'm not that interested in Cash Cash, but I love the sound of Bebe Rexha's voice. I'll have to look more into her!

Reviewed by WatermelonSunshine