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The Show


Make It Pop is a live-action show on Nickelodeon that premiered on April 6th, 2015. It is about Sun Hi, Corki, and Jodi - three misfit girls randomly selected to be roommates in their first year in high school at a boarding school. They don't have much in common other than the fact that they're all roommates - and bandmates!

Sun Hi is a quirky and unique diva of Korean-American heritage. She wants to become famous and can always be found recording videos of her daily life as part of her blog in hopes she will be discovered on the Internet. She calls her fans the "Sun Hi Nation."

Jodi is a fashionista, eccentric, and Sun Hi's best friend. Her favorite pastime is designing clothing.

Corki is a bookish girl who is very shy, including camera-shy. She doesn't really want to become famous, so at first, she wore a mask at all of the band's concerts, but she later got out of her shell. She can play the violin very well.

Together with their pal Caleb, who is a DJ, they make up the pop group XO-IQ.

The show was created by Nick Cannon and it stars Megan Lee , Erika Tham , and Louriza Tronco .


I think Make It Pop is a great show! I love the whole plot, storylines, and the fact that every episode is connected to the previous one plot-wise, giving the show a sense of continuity. The actors are fabulous too!

I also love how it's a musical. I mean, why would a show about pop stars NOT have music? The songs are upbeat, fun, girly, and have stellar music videos to accompany them.

I can describe it as a mix between Groovy Girls (a doll line about funky and fabulous girls who were also in a band and wore clothes similar to Sun Hi's unique style - I founded the Groovy Girls wiki) and Zoey 101 (a Nickelodeon sitcom about friends at boarding school).

My favorite character is Sun Hi because she is unique and proud of it!


Make It Pop gets a 9.9/10, because the show can be a bit cheesy at times.

Reviewed by WatermelonSunshine