Author's note: Spooky asked me to write an "erotic Tetris fanfiction", so I have obliged. Sorry it's short, but there's only so much creativity possible with this kind of category.

There is little excitement in the life of a Tetris brick. They fall endlessly into a pit and are jumbled together once they reach the ground into a tight and solid mass of bright colors. It's an existence so monotonous, no human or conscious animal would want to endure it for any length of time.

But among the thousands of blocks, there were two who had a connection.

The bright-red block had lay there for what felt like hours. She was uncomfortable in the heat of the desert scenery and wished that the next brick to fall would shield her from the sun.

Immobile, she saw that the descendant was blue. He seemed to be a simple square from below, but as he got closer he became what he was- the longest stick-shaped block the game had. He was falling more slowly than the other bricks had, his huge form indeed blocking out some of the sun from Red's blank face.

She was more than willing to allow him to settle inside of her. The very bottom of his form was pleasantly cool against hers and so much more more smooth than the tiles of those she lay next to and on top of. He shuffled slightly before planting the rest of his length into Red's slot, feeling a rush of unexpected pleasure.

Excited, Blue repeated the sliding motion, harder this time. The effect was the same- Red's body started to vibrate harder. She was exuding desire. Only too happy to oblige, Blue continued to slowly rise up and back down again along the length of her little, square body, the feeling picking up every time their tiles would touch. Blue was the perfect fit.

In a few moments, they had hit their peak. If Blue or Red had mouths or throats, the entire mass of bricks would have heard their cries. Exhausted from the experience, the pair fell into a deep slumber, bodies still locked tightly together.

Just above them, a very small brick was beginning the long descent from the sky. Its tiles were not blue or red, or even an orange or green, but a rich purple.

Written by Grizzly Bear