The foundation of any Wiki is quality content and a large roster of active users with good conduct. Since its birth in late August 2014, the growing Starpolar Wiki had gone from a generic personalized website to a fast-growing community hosting stories, satire, and reviews by the dozen. Unfortunately for it, it had its enemies and detractors.

LOLSKELETONS was a well-known admin of the Creepypasta Wiki and its two sister wikis; the Spinpasta and Trollpasta sites. When he got wind of the existence of Starpolar, where the last remnants of the once-close-knit Creepypasta chatting community supposedly were, he came for a visit to see what was going on.

Somehow, despite SG being banned for several days, the Wiki had been littered with shitposting. In the past hour, eighty-seven new pages with nothing but pictures of chickens and roosters had been added, and the user pages of every member with rights had been vandalized with phrases such as "pay debts" and "Bitter is fat" clogging them. No member of Starpolar knew about the attack yet- everyone was either asleep or out doing something in the summer weather.

Displeased, Skeletons went to Grape Man’s talk page and left the following message:

"lol nice going, you should disable anon editing."

Just a couple of minutes later, Raspberry Boy logged on. Seeing the damage, he set to work on cleaning it up by rolling back the bad edits and deleting the countless images. It was more than likely SG, he guessed, although the vandal didn't have an account.

When Raspberry was nearly done he noticed the message Skeletons had left and laughed to himself at it. Below it he left another message to Grape Man: "Next time this happens we’ll be reported to VSTF and more than likely shut down entirely, AND YOU’LL BE GLOBALLY BANNED."

When Grape Man awoke a few hours later, he saw the messages and decided something needed to be done. Calling up his friend Callie, he arranged a meeting with some 4chan acquaintances and requested to dox both Raspberry Boy and SG, whom he assumed was the original vandal.

"Isn’t that kind of harsh?" Callie had asked. "All they did was make a bit of a mess. Doxxing’s what Tumblrists do anyway when someone proves them wrong."

"They should have thought of that before they vandalized my Wiki." Grape maintained.

Later that day, the doxing commenced. All of SG’s personal data was uncovered and placed immovably on a protected page. Information on the page included his user and talk pages, his email, Skype account, home and cell phone numbers, pictures of his face, his home and mailing addresses, even transcripts of his high school grades. Grape chuckled to himself and admired his handiwork. It was a much better result than he’d dared to expect.

But there was a small snag in the plan - it turned out Raspberry had very little personal information available online. Grape could only find his email.

Frustrated, he asked the 4chan army, Callie and Skeletons to mass-send Raspberry as many emails as possible. One step ahead, Raspberry had been watching the incident unfold all along and was armed and ready with mass-deletion anti-spam tools.

Every time a new email arrived, he deleted it in a matter of seconds. Unaware of this, Fatal, Callie, the 4chan army and Skeletons kept going for hours, sending as many NSFW photos, threatening messages and Shrek is Love R34 as they could possibly garner from Google’s infinite stash.

By the time the clock struck midnight, all resources had been exhausted. SG was being bombarded with so many phone calls, emails and strange packages he had to quit, and the 4chan army was so bored by now they threatened to dox the entire Wiki’s populace if Grape didn’t call it quits. So reluctantly, he called off the e-mail attack and Raspberry logged off, not a scrap of his information revealed. This time he’d gotten a silent victory over Grape.

Grape knew it was time to retire for the night, but first he left a message of thanks on Skeletons' wall for his efforts. In a few moments it had been returned, and read:

"No problem. Why not come back to CP Wiki and pls be admin?"

Written by Grizzly Bear